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Did you ever sexually experiment with your friends or best friend? If so, how did that go for you, guys?

More importantly, are they straight? For those whose answer is yes, did you guys regret doing the deed in the aftermath?  If so, how did you guys handle the consequence and regret? Are you still friends with them? Did you have a falling out?

Or maybe you ended up together? Whatever the case is, we’d love to hear your thoughts and stories regarding this topic as a gay Redditor brought it up online. He shared that he had drunken sex with his straight friend and that they both regretted it afterward. They both just came out of their respective relationships, their first ones at that. Ten months prior, his friend broke up with his first girlfriend, so the two of them hung up for a bit to cheer him up. And then a few weeks ago, the original poster (OP) of the thread’s first boyfriend dumped him, so they hung out and drank.     

They are, of course, not the first people who got drunk with their friends after a breakup.

With my first breakup, I wasn’t too heartbroken, probably because the spark was long gone? Also, I didn’t get to tell many friends about our relationship because we were only out to a select few. And anyway, I think we were too young (college), so I guess it was only puppy love of sorts.

When I truly, really got my heart broken though, I realized I had plenty of friends. Some of them took me out of town and brought me to the beach, some of them stayed at my place overnight, some of them stayed over the weekend to console me, and one of them even helped me move out of my old apartment into a new one. Others took me to parties and bars, not only did some of my friends drink with me, but some of them also took me to lunch or dinner and watched movies with me. Some friends who were based overseas called occasionally to ask how I was, and there was even one who lived locally who called me every night for weeks, or was it months?

But I never did kiss, let alone sleep, with any of them – be it with my gay, lesbian, bisexual, or straight friends – and yes, even with alcohol involved. For me, friends are friends, and coworkers are coworkers. But that’s just me, of course, and I’m pretty sure that he wasn’t the first one to sleep with a straight friend either. Read here.

In fact, some of the respondents on the thread admitted to doing the same thing and they advised OP to give it time, put it behind him and move forward, and most importantly, to forgive themselves. He was also told that it will be awkward at first but that will pass and there will come a time when they’d both be able to just laugh about it. Read the aforementioned thread in full here.

Having said all that, what advice would you give gay and bisexual men who have had sex with their straight friends like OP and are regretting it? Moreover, did this happen to you as well? Did it ruin your friendship? What did you do to restore it? Comment down below!

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