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Have you ever been propositioned by a straight male friend? How did you handle his proposition? And are you guys still friends until now?

Anyway, we are bringing this up because a man on AskGayMen asked, and we quote: “Has a “straight” male (or friend) approached you asking for discreet sex?” He explained, “I am currently in a similar situation, although I am the “straight friend” curious what other similar situations you guys have run into.”

One respondent confessed: “My straight friend, after I came out to him as bisexual was pretty chill and normal.” He added, “But one day I got snap from him and he asked me if I was down to give him a blow job. He is a tall 6’4 bearded whole ass man. Crazy times.”

Another guy, on the other hand, said: 

<blockquote>Yes. An old college friend and I hook up occasionally. He identifies as straight.<br><br>

He’ll come over to my house to play video games, watch TV, and get a little drunk. If he wants to mess around, he just pulls down his pants and we get busy. I think he likes the lack of pomp and circumstance. And he likes that I can and will do things women won’t (or can’t).</blockquote>

Meanwhile, one guy revealed that he hooked up with a lot of guys who are straight and curious. However, he said, “Almost all of them panic afterwards and then destroy our friendships.”  

But do straight men really have sex with other men? Aren’t they simply closeted gay men? 

The answer is yes, straight men really have sex with other men. 

Tony Silva—Assistant Professor of Sociology in University of British Columbia and author of Still Straight: Sexual Flexibility among White Men in Rural Americaexplained that “sexual encounters with men simply do not affect how straight men perceive their identity.”

Further, he said that apart from sexual attractions or behaviors, there are many factors that shape a person’s sexual identity like “social contexts, romantic relationships and beliefs about masculinity and femininity, among others.” According to Silva, “Straight men who have sex with other men are not necessarily closeted, because they do genuinely see themselves as heterosexual.”

Having said all that, have you ever been propositioned by a straight friend? Did you hook up with them? If so, did that destroy your friendship? Share with us your thoughts and stories in the comments section below! Who doesn’t love a straight man?!

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