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Some of us may have spent years being in denial while others were waffling but what was that one moment when you realized or accepted that you were gay?

One guy who asked this on Reddit said:

So you may have known you were gay for years but ignored it until the evidence got to be too much. For example, I noticed my Instagram feed was full of shirtless men, my IMDb page viewing history was mostly male actors, and let’s not mention how fast TikTok figured out I was gay. There was no denying it at that point.

One of the many gay men who responded on the thread said, “When I used to pay more attention to dudes in straight porn.” Another guy shared:

So basically, I was reading an NSFW story. And, despite all the hot details, the main couple was so fucking adorable I’m not even joking! When, whilst reading this, I wanted to honestly have a relationship like that it’s the moment I just couldn’t deny the fact any longer. It wasn’t a fetish out of boredom, I wanted an actual relationship with another man.

Meanwhile, here are some of the popular answers on the thread ad we quote:

  • When my friend dared me to kiss a guy and I did it as a joke. Then, later that night I went to third base with said guy.
  • The men’s undergarment sections of clothing stores.
  • When I watched Blue Lagoon and saw Christopher Atkins…. I couldn’t take my eyes off him and watched the entire movie hard as hell.
  • I’m bi so it was pretty fucking confusing. I definitely might be gay? Eventually, I stopped trying to quantify things and just went with the flow.

Having said all that, what was your “aha!” moment, guys? Tell us about it in the comments section below!

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