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Hey, guys! Do you like men with long hair? Do you find men with long hair hot or not?

We scoured the internet to check what other gay men’s thoughts are on the matter and we discovered they’ve got divided opinions regarding the subject at hand. Others are not a fan of long hair on men at all while others find it hot. Here is what one of them said:

For me, it’s the texture. For straight hair, I think a shorter cut is better, but for guys with wavy/curly/coily hair, the longer the better for me. I think it’s because straight hair is kind of the same as it grows, but seeing the wavy coil patterns of textured hair as it grows is super-hot to me.

In addition, another guy said, “Sam Reid in Interview with a Vampire, compared to his role in the Australian TV show The Newsreader. Brings him up from an 8 to an 11.” Meanwhile, another guy responded, “I like it only if the guy is well-groomed. If I had run my hands through it while I’m on my back it’s a plus.” Read the thread in full here.

Personally, I think long hair doesn’t suit everyone but yes, with the right guy, I love it. I do find long-haired actor Ben Barnes sexy. I mean, did you watch him on Dorian Gray (2009)?


Off the top of my head, I also find 33-year-old South Korean actor Lee Jong-suk sexy with long hair. I watched some of his TV shows like Secret Garden (2010), Pinocchio (2014), and Romance Is a Bonus Book (2019) to name a few and I think that he’s also hot even with short hair.


There’s also Kim Woo Bin who I first noticed on his TV series Heirs (2013) and Uncontrollably Fond (2016). I love this actor so I’m planning to watch his other K-Dramas on Netflix, particularly Our Blues (2022) and Black Knight (2023).


What about you, guys? Do you prefer men with short hair or not? Do you find long hair in men sexy? How do you wear or style your own hair? Comment below!

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