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Hey, guys! A gay man posed this question online which I know many will find interesting, he asked: “How many of you guys actually want to get married? I feel like I don’t really know anyone who aspires to be a husband. Is it really uncommon?”

Do you agree with him? Is marriage among gay men truly rare?

A respondent confessed, “It’s a dream of mine. To know you have a partner to face life with.” His comment was met with a response that read, “Just curious how you equate this with marriage Vs say a long term committed relationship?” The man simply explained, “Personally I don’t think marriage is necessary to achieve this.”

On the other hand, one gay man who isn’t averse to marriage said, “I am down to marry but I am skipping on a wedding ceremony. I am not spending money on guests when I can use it as a long-time honeymoon.”

Meanwhile, a man who’s been there shared, “I swore I’d never state vows with anyone again. I was with my ex for 16 years. We were together long before marriage was legal for us. We chose to have a ceremony anyway. Fast forward 16 years and he started cheating and destroyed me financially. I swore, ‘never again.’ He added, “It took another 15 years but I’ve now met who is a far better person, man and partner. I very much hope to marry him some day. Old wounds heal with love.”

Another man replied to this particular post, and said, “This absolutely terrifies me. I’m monogamous and dream of having a long-term relationship, but I fear having the man I love change into a scumbag of a human and start cheating or abusing me when we’re already 10+ years in.” You can read the entire thread here.

Having said all that, are you the marrying kind? Why or why not? Share with us your thoughts and stories in the comments section below!

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