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We all have a type, but what is yours? One Redditor wants to know and is curious, so he asked: “Are you attracted to muscular men with beards?”

Naturally, the question received a lot of response. For instance, one reader quickly quipped, “Does the sun rise in the east?” There were other similar quick-witted replies like, “Do professional baseball players like playing baseball?” and “Does the sun turn hydrogen into helium?”

Meanwhile, other readers gave more elaborate responses and were even more specific with their answers. There were those who admitted that yes, they are (attracted to muscular men with beards), like this guy who replied: “I’m attracted to muscular guys with beards. Unfortunately, they are not attracted to me.” While another guy said, “Bearded guys with dad bods will do, I just have a thing for bearded guys, big or small.”

But there were also others who said otherwise such as this guy, for example, who answered, “Fuck no, why would I want to date someone who looks like me? This bear loves his femme bois, I don’t care if some give me shit for it.”

Here are some more responses: “Generally prefer bearded, although it’s not a deal-breaker. Muscles are also nice, but they’re further down on my list, as I tend to be a fan of all sorts of body types.” Further, another guy said, “Not at all. I like the stereotype ‘queer.’ Skinny, pretty, and with a bunch of flamboyant attitude. Cutest thing in the world for me.”

Anyway, is it just me, but whenever I hear the words, muscular men, with beards, Aquaman actor Jason Momoa comes to mind.

Having said all that, what about you, guys? What is your type of guy? Share with us your thoughts and stories in the comments section below!

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