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We could all use a fresh start.

No truer words have ever been spoken especially during these trying times. Don’t you think so, too, guys? 

That being said, how are you going to celebrate the start of our post-pandemic life? Will you host a party? Perhaps you have some sort of a post-COVID bucket list full of things you can’t wait to check off such as people to visit, events to celebrate, places to see?

More importantly, can you now envision what our post-pandemic world is going to be like?

If you can’t yet, you may want to check out EXTRA Gum’s new epic commercial as it offers us a glimpse of a post-COVID fresh start. Titled EXTRA Gum: “For When It’s Time,” the advertisement ran for two minutes and thirty four seconds. What’s more is that it features Céline Dion’s 1996 hit song It’s All Coming Back to Me Now as its distinctive soundtrack. 

The commercial showed people—friends, lovers, family, colleagues, neighbors—reconnecting with each other. They could be seen hugging, kissing, or rushing out of their respective homes to meet with each other or to go to their office buildings which are covered with vines already, by the way. I personally thought that part was comedic. Watch the advert below:

By “evoking feelings of optimism, positivity, and comforting nostalgia of pre-pandemic life,” EXTRA Gum’s short film is said to be consistent with Mars Wrigley’s “purpose of Better Moments, More Smiles.” The company added, “When the time is right, many won’t just exit their homes quietly, pick up the newspaper and whistle their way back to the office.”

Meanwhile, Ivonne Andreu, Senior Director of Gum & Mints, Mars Wrigley US, released a statement regarding the advert. It reads: “Before 2020, we took for granted just how fantastic it was to connect and celebrate in large groups or to simply be able to share a moment with another person.”

Further, Ms. Andreu said: 

Many of us have forgotten what it’s even like to move about safely and freely in society. As a company and as a brand, we are committed to creating better moments and more smiles for consumers. With increased vaccinations and consistent dedication to staying vigilant, we hope this film reminds everyone there are brighter days ahead – and when the moment is right and your big moment comes to reclaim what you’ve been missing, EXTRA Gum will be there to help give you a fresh start during your first in-person meeting, first post-pandemic kiss and first social activities as you re-enter life.

What is your favorite moment in the advertisement guys? 

Happy viewing! 

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