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Wow, wow, wow! Lady Gaga has a new book out, titled Channel Kindness: Stories of Kindness and Community; you can purchase it here.

Channel Kindness is a “collection of inspirational stories written by young people” and it also includes “personal notes of empowerment” and an introduction written by Born This Way Foundation co-founder Lady Gaga herself.

According to a message posted by Lady Gaga on her official Instagram account, she collaborated with her mother, Cynthia Germanotta, as well as a close friend, for Channel Kindness. Together, they “spent years cultivating the stories of young people and celebrating them for their bravery.” 

Lady Gaga said, “This book not only includes their stories, but also my own, and is very much about the mental health of not only the world, but the mental health crisis in 2020.” She added, “It is more important than ever that we channel kindness towards each other, for each other, and with each other in a vision for a kinder and braver world.” 

“Within these pages, you’ll meet young changemakers who found their inner strength, prevailed in the face of bullies, started their own social movements, and decided to break through the mental health stigma,” Lady Gaga said on the book’s official website. “These storytellers share how they felt, created safe spaces for LGBTQ+ youth, and embraced kindness with every fiber of their being by helping others without the expectation of anything in return.”

Speaking of mental health, Lady Gaga had recently sat down with CBS Sunday Morning to talk about her own battles with depression and anxiety and how mental health is “invisible.” 

Lady Gaga also spoke about the pain and loneliness that she experienced at one point in her life, brought about by her fame and how she channeled this pain to create her music. Watch the interview below where she talked about her friendship with Ariana Grande and Elton John as well among many others things.  

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