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An elderly gay couple, who was walking down the streets of New York City, was interviewed about their love story by @CuteMeetsNYC. The interview was posted on the account’s social media specifically on TikTok and Instagram and has gone viral online.

The couple, named Gary Williams and Stewart Bryer, shared that they met in 1984 at a gay and lesbian Roman Catholic organization called Dignity. When asked about their first impression of each other, Stewart replied that Gary was “one of the most handsome people I’ve seen” whereas Gary thought that Stewart was very quiet in the group so he didn’t know how to take him.

“Forty years in, what’s your favorite thing about him?” the interviewer then asked.

“He’s just a really courageous person,” Stewart said, while Gary responded that Stewart is so caregiving, that he’s such a good caregiver and a great person to be around.

Lastly, the couple was asked what they’re most excited about in the future, Gary said, “We want to see a flowering of rights to all. To trans people. That we complete the work. I started marching in Washington in 1978. We have to fight these laws against trans people, against LGBTQ+ people. We need to fight that.”

The interview went viral online. One of the popular comments on Instagram reads, and we quote, “This is so beautiful. I am always so awed and grateful to see queer people who made it through the 80s.” While another person replied, “And still some people say homosexuality is something ‘new brand’ that has never existed before — Such an adorable couple, btw!”

Meanwhile, someone observed, “It’s never lost on me that the queer couples (especially the older ones) first respond anxiously, and then move through to relief as they realize they’re safe.”

Watch the interview below:

The social media account called @CuteMeetsNYC features love stories of random couples they met and interviewed on the streets of New York City.

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