The world now officially has a social distancing and corona life theme songs thanks to 37-year-old American singer-songwriter and former The Voice contestant Chris Mann. Mann—who is currently staying at home observing social distancing just like 3 billion other people around the world who are under COVID-19 lockdowns right now—decided to make use of his free time and channel his energy into positive by releasing a parody of some hit songs.

The songs included Adele’s Hello (2015), The Knack’ssmash single My Sharona (1979), Madonna’s 1990 dance-pop Vogue, and Alanis Morissette’s Thank U (1998). Mann rewrote the lyrics of the aforementioned songs and renamed them Hello (From the Inside), My Corona, Stay Home Vogue, and Thank U Frontline respectively.

Speaking to Insider in an interview about how this started, Mann said, “I was just sitting here in my house and I was really frustrated about everything that’s going on, so I did this very silly ‘My Corona’ cover in two hours in my bathroom. It immediately went viral.” He added, “I’ve never experienced anything like it in my entire life.”

In the parody song My Corona, Mann sang about the toilet paper pandemonium sparked by the COVID-19 crisis: “I need toilet paper, toilet paper, toilet paper, I’m out of toilet paper, it’s my Corona.” He also took a swipe at Trump for a bit, singing, “Then there’s Donald Trump, what the fuck/Why you shaking hands, and keep telling us, nothing’s up/That we’re gonna be fi-ie-ie-ine what?”

In Stay Home Vogue, Mann underscored the importance of staying at home and how it’s the cool thing to do these days. He sings, “It’s makes no difference if you’re black or white/Corona’s coming for you/Do the cool thing now and just stay inside/You’re a hermit star, yes that’s what you are, you know it/Come on, stay home (home).”

Mann’s Hello (From the Inside) on the other hand, is the most popular out of his four parody songs, and perhaps the funniest though it’s also serious at the same time as it illustrates just how our lives have changed because of coronavirus. Mann sings, “It’s me/I’m in California dreaming about going out to eat/Just a burger/With cheese/Or a shaken margarita, baby back ribs from Chili’s.”

Lastly, there’s Mann’s Thank U Frontline where he thanked the, you know, frontliners including the doctors, nurses, scientists, grocery clerks, truck drivers, janitors, mail carriers, and selfless volunteers to name a few. Mann sings, “How ’bout taking a moment to thank the frontline/How ’bout thinking of others who can’t stay home/How ’bout fighting to get these workers protection/How ’bout standing up for the ones we love.”

Perhaps what made Chris Mann’s parody songs so popular is that it is funny and relatable in the sense that it captured our collective thoughts and experiences during these trying times. One of his fans said that Mann’s songs have helped him recover from this “terrible virus.” The fan added, “I laugh, and cry and your vocals help me process these feelings. I thank God for you, Chris.”

And we couldn’t agree more! Thank you, Chris, and here’s to hoping you’ll come up with more parody songs. 

Happy viewing, guys! 

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