On a normal day, many people are already feeling stressed enough about testing for HIV. We’re worried about the process that the testing will entail, about what the result is going to be if we go through with it. But not knowing about our status is no good either and it’s the most difficult situation of all because being in the dark puts us under considerable fear and stress.  

However, during this coronavirus era where social distancing is our new normal, these worries and fears are greatly magnified. After all, worrying about testing for HIV is one thing, and worrying about how to be able to do that when most of us are staying at home observing social distancing is another. 

As you know, Adam4Adam always has your health and well-being at heart and during this coronavirus pandemic, we’d like to remind you that it is still important to get tested. 

The good news is that you don’t have to go out there in order to do so, not to mention you can do HIV testing without cost as well! You only need to click here, follow a set of instructions, and TakeMeHome will send you a free test kit with instructions in a discreet package straight to your doorstep. Just swipe your gums with the test swab, put it in the test tube, and you’ll get results in 20 minutes. For more information, you can check Adam4Adam’s Health Resource by clicking here.

Stay safe, stay home, but get tested!

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