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There’s always been a debate on whether homosexuality is a matter of nature or nurture. Do gay people come about because of the way they are raised? Or is it because there is something in our genes that predetermines it?

A study published in the journal Science says that it could be a combination of both. In this research, scientists found four genetic variants that occurred more in people who said in a questionnaire that they have had same-sex partners. The study says that rather than having one specific gay gene that predetermines sexuality, it appears that there are “many tiny-effect genetic factors” which influence sexuality but do not determine it. Personal experiences and environment still play a role when it comes to one’s behavior.

The study involved 490,000 men and women from the United States, the United Kingdom, and Sweden. The DNA data was collected from a number of sources. For instance, the team used the DNA of 400,000 people the United Kingdom’s Biobank. The team also used DNA data collected by consumer testing company 23andMe from 69,000.

There has been research done in the past about the possibility of a “gay gene.” In 2015, the UCLA’s David Geffen School of Medicine presented an algorithm that had a 70 percent accuracy rate when it came to predicting male homosexuality. Other scientists, however, have pointed out that what was discovered wasn’t a “gay gene”, but rather that “methylation, a form of DNA modification, in certain regions of the genome differed between homosexual and heterosexual identical twin brothers.”

The new study also found that compared to women, men who have had same-sex partners ended up being more exclusively homosexual.

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