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What are the worst phrases you’ve ever read on someone else’s dating profile, guys?

The peeps on AskGaybrosOver30 are spilling the beans on what makes them avoid a person based on the dating profile descriptions they’ve read. A certain user named Fortingbascoban asked: “What dating profile descriptions do you find off-putting when reading someone’s profile?” 

There’s nothing like great examples of what’s bad and off-putting when it comes to dating profile descriptions in order to get your point across so he then went on to cite samples. Take a look below at his personal list: 

I am very smart and expect the same.

I am not here to deal with your mental illness.

What happened to gays these days? Why is everyone so horrible?

If you want me, you have to be good with following up and texting me back.

He added, “I don’t mean obvious things like Masc4Masc. I’m talking about statements that give away more about the negativity projected by the person than they think.”

Some respondents like user Isimagen agreed; he said, “Profiles that list all the things they don’t want are a giant warning in my opinion, especially if they’re nasty: ‘No fats, no fems, no rice, no spice’ and things like that. It is a blessing in a way to have the trash take itself out like that and self-identify.” 

Another user, maxdefacto, explainedthat he can “see both sides to this coin.” He shared that he was together with someone for 7 years, who ended up cheating on him and leaving him so he learned exactly what he wanted out of his next relationship. These, he said, included: financial stability, good sense of humor, etc., but also physical traits that he finds attractive. He added, “I know the world doesn’t like to hear it, but you can’t fuck someone’s personality. If you aren’t physically attracted to a person, you’re not going to enjoy the sex if you’re able to have it at all.”

Isimagen clarified his response to maxdefacto saying that he has “absolutely no issues with people having preferences or even requirements.”  

He said that it all boils down to how people present themselves in the process, “So for me, if you’re listing negatives, you’re not worth my time. List the positives. ‘No fats’ could instead be: ‘Fit guys please’ or what have you. List the things you like and the things you’re looking for rather than a laundry list of what you are against.”

Isimagen further explained: “It’s a subtle difference in the end; but, to me, it denotes someone who is more positive in general. I can’t stand arrogance. There’s a difference between arrogance and confidence and one of the determiners to me is how you walk the line on something like this.”

User tinysideburns on the other hand, said, “Equally, when guys put things that come off as super defensive in their profiles. Sentences like ‘don’t waste my time if…;’ ‘I’m so sick of…;’ etc. It’s weird approaching someone when they’re on the defensive from jump street.”

Here are other dating profile descriptions that the gay men on Reddit say they dislike and we quote:

  • “I’m just a guy who happens to like guys.”
  • “I’m not like other gays”
  • “I’m not into the gay scene.”
  • “I have a fine tuned bullshit detector.”
  • “I don’t play games.”
  • “I don’t do drama/I hate drama.”
  • “Be patient. I have a demanding professional life and receive a lot of messages on here.”
  • “Can you keep up?” / “Looking for someone who can keep up with me”
  • “I hate filling these out, just message me.” User NYArtFan1 explained he dislikes this phrase because in his experience, “attempting to have a conversation with people like that is like pulling teeth, and tends to go nowhere.”
  • “Bored.” According to user pickle-runch, “Only boring people get bored.” He added, “We’re adults, (you) should have figured out a way to stimulate yourself by now. (I’m) Not interested in being entertainment for a boring person.”

And there you go, guys! Those are just some of the worst lines they’ve mentioned. Having said all that, we’ve talked about it extensively before here on the blog, how to have a dating profile that grabs attention, that is. 

For one, we’ve reminded you time and again to put a face pic on your profile and to make sure everything in it is current. Filling out all the parts of your profile so you’ll be searchable in our app is also important, as does writing an actual icebreaker as this makes it easier for guys to find something to talk to you about, etc. Read the tips on how to improve your dating profile that we’ve written in the past for you here, here, and here in case you’ve missed them. 

Anyway, what about you, guys? What are the worst lines you’ve ever read on someone else’s dating profile that make you want to ignore them? Don’t forget to share it with us on the comments section below!

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