Matthew Camp is back here on A4A blog due to popular demand! 

A few weeks ago, we brought Matthew in Montreal during Montréal Pride. We did a photoshoot with him along with our other Adam4Adam models, participated in the Community Day and the 36th Pride Parade. If you missed the festivities altogether, you can head over to our Instagram account @adam4adamofficial and take a peek behind-the-scenes of our amazing photoshoot plus you can also watch our “highlights” from this year’s Montréal Pride via our Insta Stories.

As you know, it’s our second time working with him and some of you might remember the interview we did with him last year. In our first interview, we learned that Matthew is a fashion and perfume designer, someone who is seemingly living a fast life; however, Matthew is actually the type who “takes the time to smell the flowers,” so to speak. So, yes, he is someone who loves nature and you’ll find him spending most of his free time with plants and animals. 

In this interview, Matthew reaffirms his love and appreciation for the beauty of nature and his propensity to choose a walk in the woods over the hustle and bustle of city life. He also talked about his dreams, future plans, and some personal things that other people don’t know about him. In person, Matthew is very sweet, natural, simple, and did we mention that we love his sense of humor as well? 

Anyway, without further do, this is our Interview with Matthew Camp.

1- Who is Matthew Camp? How did you get famous? What brought you to the light and when?

-I like that you start with the heavy questions…I try to just be human. Haha. I suppose that’s what we should all strive for. I think keeping that in mind has allowed me to befriend lots of people that have supported me through the years. I mean, the start of my notoriety starts about a decade ago with Susanne Bartsch in the bowels of NYC. That city has a real ability to reduce people to their most true selves—like a Michelangelo bringing David out of marble. Performing with her troupe of beautiful queer spirits gave me the platform to become the person I am today.

2- Were you surprised when Dave asked you to be part of the Adam4Adam photoshoot and Pride festivities in Montréal? And Why?

-Not much surprises me these days after everything I’ve seen lol but I’m always humbled and thankful. When such a recognized brand like Adam4Adam wants you to join forces with them it means that they see you as an established brand and one that they respect—that just makes you feel great!

3- What would you like to say to people who have misconceptions about adult entertainers and think that you guys are all “whore”and self-centered?

-Haha, well…that’s not totally untrue. There are self-centered people everywhere. I don’t think it is particularly MORE prevalent in this industry. If anything, most people I meet in this career path are so genuine and warm because of all the flack that they face every day for choosing to profit off of something we ALL DO…daily if you’re lucky. I think people who choose this path are highly intelligent because they are choosing to profit off of something that’s natural and universal—we can all relate to it. People should spend more time getting off rather than judging one another…or meeting fun people on A4A? Sounds like a plan to me.

4- You always use funny hashtags on your Instagram posts, why is that?

-I think of it as a fun way to interact with the people that scroll past my pictures. They probably follow hundreds of half-naked guys posting shirtless selfies (like myself) so when I get to inject a bit of my personal humor, I feel like people get to see me for my more authentic self…which is a complete goofball. Also—this is just a crazy world we live in where everyone is posting everything about their lives and profiting off of it. I’m thankful for it but I also think using silly hashtags give you a chance to stand back and laugh at it all.

5- When you were here in Montréal, we noticed that EVERYBODY was looking at you. Why do you think you attract so many people, whether they are gay or bisexual men, trans, and even straight men and women?

-People are attracted to self-awareness. When you are confident and comfortable with who you are—people notice you and are attracted to it regardless of the number of abs you have or gender or sexuality or any of conventional markers of attractiveness. It takes a lot out of you when you try to be present with every person you meet and this was true for when I was in Montréal for Pride but in a world of celebrated artificiality, I want to at least try to be the most authentic person I can.

6- Do you consider yourself to be an outgoing person or an introvert? Why?

-Ugh, this one is always complicated because I always tell people I’m introverted. I enjoy living a peaceful life surrounded by more nature than humans. I need a lot of alone time—living in NYC for so many years began to tear me away from my ability to find an inner quiet place to retreat to. The only way for me to recharge myself and prepare for work is to be in nature. I especially like when I’m able to go into nature and in any direction there’s not a single sign of human life…just plants for as far as I can see. That’s my happy place.

7- Do you like to be recognized in the street?

-I don’t see it as a positive or negative thing because it varies so much. The majority of the time it offers me an experience to meet someone new that is so kind and happy for a hug. To have strangers tell you something positive is always a wonderful feeling because consider the opposite!?! Lol The internet can be a very dark and depressing place so for people to find joy in my work and want to share that with me in person—I’m a very lucky guy.

8- Name one thing that nobody knows about you. It can be anything from favorite food to personal stuff, or that you have a fuck doll at home.

-Omg, fuck dolls are incredible!!!!! If anyone wants to send me one of those Real dolls by all means! Ummm…In this industry there isn’t a lot you don’t put out for the world to consume lol. I’m completely obsessed with watching YouTube videos that cover space, time, astrophysics, and consciousness. It may sound nerdy, but I think it’s vital to attempt to understand how the universe works.

9- Do you get tired when people recognize you in the street, in clubs or events and want to talk to you or take photos with you?

-Thankfully, people are so incredibly kind to me wherever I go. I try to project kindness and humility because it’s important to be extremely patient and understanding when you exist in the public eye…or really anywhere. Those two qualities are highly undervalued by our society. This is my job—to be receptive to any and all attention when I’m out in a city. Living in nature is just where I find my peace. Other friends of mine find their peace in the hustle and bustle of a city. I’m just glad everyone isn’t like me because it would be much more crowded out here in the woods.

10- What are your goals for the next 5 years? Where do you see yourself? Anything you are working on right now that you’d like to share?

-Well, as of now, I’ve just begun exploring more public work outside of my Onlyfans. I’ve always enjoyed existing on the fringe of adult entertainment and that definitely won’t change even when working with bigger studios because they grant me the ability to make films that aren’t conventional. I mean really I just want a farm—I know that sounds crazy but there’s something comforting about working with nature and animals. Don’t worry, I have big plans to create some amazing and sexy films—I can do both. Showcasing sexuality in this way (films, porn, etc.) is so important to me because every day I try to destigmatize sex and I hope that my future work will continue this process of allowing people to sexually embrace each other…and even themselves.

There you go guys, Matthew Camp! We hope that this interview was able to quench your thirst of curiosity for Matthew if only for a bit. Or maybe it only left you wanting for more? No worries, because now you can find him on OnlyFans and watch him in solo or group action, yes, with full frontal, oral and anal action! You can also check him out on Instagram and please don’t forget to swing by at @adam4adamofficial and follow us while you are at it.

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