Celebrities: Meet Dylan Efron, Zac’s Equally Hottie Brother

(Photo Credits: Screengrab from Zac Efron’s Instagram)

Too much hotness in one frame. 

Zac Efron wished his little brother Dylan a happy birthday complete with their pictures together on Instagram which promptly sent the netizens into a frenzy. One fan said she’ll take an order of both please, a sentiment which was echoed by many and we can’t blame them, the photos showed the brothers bathing shirtless showcasing their chiseled bodies. Others commented the photos were “homoerotic” while quite a few wondered how their dad looked like or did the brothers look more like their mom?

But who is Dylan Efron? 

Zac called him his “little terror, devil, monster” little brother turned best friend. We did a little digging and found Dylan loves the outdoor so much. In fact, he’s into fly fishing (which he defines as meditation) and pretty much anything that involves the outdoors like “rock climbing, surfing, skiing, hiking, cycling, motorcycling, and endurance racing.” So long as it’s a sport or an activity that can make him go on a trip with friends then he is definitely in. Apart from being an outdoor enthusiast and an athlete, Dylan is also a filmmaker, a writer, and a coffee lover. Read the full interview here.

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There you go, guys, Dylan Efron in a nutshell. You can check him out on Instagram for more and please don’t forget to follow Adam4Adam’s official Instagram account while you are at it. 

Happy Sunday Funday!

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  1. Father Hennepin

    Neither are hot, and actors are not hot as people, in general. It’s only when they’re acting that they appear to be somebody. Other performing artists are much more compelling people, and musicians are the hottest. Especially classical musicians.

  2. Hunter0500

    Another young light-skinned guy to “go All 12-year-old girl” over. This guy so far is playing it Straight. Off limits for me, then.

  3. Okzebra

    I’m sick of celebrities marketing their families as if their family member were there by virtue of their skills and not their connections. It seems like finance, politics, theatre, arts, film, music, literature, and entertainment are becoming increasingly wealthy and closed elite systems where the people’s’ duty is to ogle and enrich but if they dare call it for what it is it is sour grapes. Revoltingly insular, stagnant, and incestuous elites.

  4. M

    real people just don’t have the time or energy in today’s “society” to be so perfectly buff as thee celeb-types. we live in such a obscenely ridiculous fantasy “society”

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