(Photo Credits: Screengrab from Alexander Goldschmidt’s Instagram Account)

Imagine it’s your engagement party. You’re having the time of your life and then in came Taylor Swift, casually striding into the room with her guitar to serenade you with one of her songs. 

This is what happened to Ross Girard. Apparently, his fiancé Alexander Goldschmidt emailed the American singer-songwriter and told her how her song King of My Heart was “really special” to the couple (Reportedly, Goldschmidt said that he decided to propose to Ross while listening to this song in his car). But wow, writing to Taylor Swift and all. Talk about going to great lengths in the name of love, and Goldschmidt’s effort had clearly paid off. It shows that sometimes, sometimes, all we need to do is ask (nicely), and who knows, wonderful things may just happen to us.   

“There is one secret that I didn’t trust any of you with,” Goldschmidt said to friends and family present in the engagement party by way of a preamble. “And there was a person who’s not here who sort of played a part in all this, and so I would like to welcome, and if you would give a warm welcome to, my friend Taylor.” Then there was a moment of silence, perhaps a collective curiosity as to who this Taylor was, up until Swift’s appearance that definitely caused for a loud cheering to break forth.

A huge congratulation to Mr. Girard’s and Mr. Goldschmidt’s engagement; the latter, by the way, admits that now they don’t know what they’d do for their wedding. After all, it’s hard to top this.

This is not the first time Taylor Swift had done heartwarming things for fans. She’s been known to inviting fans and their family to her apartment for listening parties or just baking cookies really and also to visiting sick fans in the hospital among many other things. Definitely a grand gesture on Swift’s part and on Goldschmidt’s as well which brings us to this question: what’s the most romantic gesture you have ever done for someone else? Conversely, what’s the most romantic gesture a guy has ever done for you?

Happy viewing!

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