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Adam4Adam at Montreal Pride

Hey, guys! Today was Community Day at Montreal Pride and if you follow us on Instagram, you probably saw all the gorgeous videos and photos we took all day! All of our models attended the event and everybody showing up at the booth with the app on their phone, received gifts from us.

Speaking of A4A’s models, we are pleased to announce that we have an upcoming photoshoot with them this Friday, August 16, 2019. 

Our models this year were Matthew Camp, Alam Wernik, Arad Winwin, William Seed, Manila Luzon from RuPaul’s Drag Race, Cory Kane, River Wilson, Stevo Trann,  and our first gorgeous trans model Alexa Abraxas.

You can catch a glimpse of both the community day and yesterday’s photoshoot on on Instagram by viewing our stories so don’t forget to follow our account @adam4adamofficial.

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So many cute boys, trans and drag on set! #FallCampaign #Adam4Adam

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Lastly, come celebrate freedom, love, and equality with us this Sunday at the Fierté Montréal Pride Parade.

Happy Pride, Montréal!

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  1. Libertarian Queer

    That’s nice and all but on a somewhat unrelated note: What is the deal with all the tatoos on guys these days? Sure, they’ve always been around and some guys had more than others and yet many had none. It seems tattoos have gotten more extensive in terms of percentage of body coverage. I have to wonder what kind of self image insecurities some guys have who feel the need for extensive tattooing on themselves. Is it a self image thing or is it not? I, for one, don’t find it attractive at all and will often avoid heavily tattooed guys for concern their elevator might not go all the way to the top.

    • Dave

      maybe you don’t find it attractive, but it’s trendy, so that’s why people like it… It’s ok if you don’t like it though. I personally am not a fan either. But I still can understand that other people like it. And I’m totally cool with it

    • verbaltopguy

      A libertarian queer is a Republican with a bong and a marriage license. Puhleeze. Your condescending judgmental attitude about body art is provincial bullshit. Back to Mayberry, Opie.

    • Jim

      I definitely agree that it must be a self-image thing. How these gorgeous looking guys think bodily disfigurement increases their attractiveness is just beyond me, especially since tattooing has never been a major part of Western culture. It is significant if one is a Maori warrior and has a meaning. Guy from a suburban cul-de-sac…uh, don’t think so! Yes, it certainly is “trendy,” as Dave says, but oh! what a mess they are going to be when they age! And, yep, L.Q., knowing several heavily tattoed friends well, I can attest to there being some “elevator” problems!

  2. jim markus

    Couldn’t put clothes on? This is why most look down on Pride month, it seems just an excuse to show the world your goods and demean the gay community at the same time. Perhaps I’m just too damn old, but I remember a time when gays were cultured and we kept our clothes on in public, now it seems that we have the opposite and people wonder why gays are not well liked.

    • Dave

      No, this is what YOU think. let people think what they want. There was 1M people gathered beside the street to see these “naked” men being happy and celebrating. Nobody told us anything about what we were wearing. Also keep in mind that A4A is a hookup app…. we’re not nuns!

      • jim markus

        It doesn’t matter what I think, the gay community demands acceptance then show respect for the rest of the non gay community.

    • Commandobttm

      Exactly Jim, I want to be respected and admired for the person I am, not looked upon as an uber flamboyant show off.

  3. Jim

    Good grief, Jim Markus! You must be from an “old family” of the Winthrop Ships and channeling your Puritan ancestors of 1630. WTF is wrong with skimpy clothing if you’ve got a beautiful body? Would you like to get in there and clothe the ceiling of the Sistene Chapel while you’re at it. God and the rest of those dudes there are pretty unclothed, too, and that is in the heart of the Vatican. Skimpy clothing in a public carnival (Carne Vale–Latin for “goodbye meat”–Fasching–Mardi Gras–Carnival), such as a Pride celebration, is part of the costuming. Skimpy clothing has nothing to do with not being cultured. Granted, I personally would certainly NOT be out there naked or in a speedo attire, as I am also well aware I AM “too damn old” NOT to keep my clothes on in public, and, I assure you everyone who knows me would certify me as “cultured”. If I could turn back the clock, all bets would be off, however, as to my attire.

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