Hey, guys! We’d like to take this moment to thank you all for your kind words and comments in our previous post. We, the Adam4Adam Team, are all grateful for your support and continued patronage of our website and our app. It’s because of loyal users like you guys that we are here and we can keep on doing what we do for over 16 years now. (time flies…)

We would also like to give a special shout-out to members who are sending us inquiries through email on how to donate, thank you for your question. We created a “Donate” button on Adam4Adam where members can actually donate. Simply choose any amount of your choice—from $20, $50, $100, to $250 to help us keep the site and the app up-to-date and pay for the servers and the salary of our devoted staff who we love.

Alternatively, another way to support A4A and to help us give you the best product possible is to avail of the VIP membership

As you know, A4A is free but with the resources that we get from donations and from loyal members who upgrade to VIP, we are able to update, make improvements, and give you guys a better product. With VIP Access, you can get additional features such as:

  • Get unlimited blocks and favorites to keep track of who you love
  • Turn off the ads on both the app and the website
  • You can add more pictures to your profile
  • Get featured in the ‘Featured grid’
  • Get unlimited conversation history
  • Activate the Invisible Mode feature so you can browse privately without anyone seeing you on the grids and more!

To check the complete list of the additional features for VIP Access, click here. To upgrade your plan and to get VIP Access, click here.

If you have yet to download the Adam4Adam App, click here and don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Twitter and Facebook as well.

Thank you again, and happy connecting, guys!

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