Adam4Adam — Still The Only App With Free Full Features

In this economy, any price increase for something that is a staple in your life is sure to cause some consternation and some serious budgeting on your part. And considering how much dating apps have become a fixture in the lives of gay men, a price increase is sure to cause some concern.

That is exactly what happened over the past week, as a certain gay dating app has doubled the price for users who want to get additional features added to their app experience. Previously, users of the app who wanted features like additional filtering options, unlimited blocks, unlimited favorites and more had to pay $11.99 per month. The app has now doubled that price to $24.99. Users can also opt to pay $300 upfront to get a year-long subscription.

Of course, the reaction was very negative. especially when you take into account that you can get these same features for free here on Adam4Adam.

Without having to pay for anything at all, you get the following features on Adam4Adam: unlimited scrolling, send unlimited pictures, use of over 20 filters to find exactly what you want, unlimited messaging, upload multiple photos in your profile, hide your last visit to a profile, track who visited your profile, and show your travel plans with the Plan-a-Trip feature and more!

Aside from the improved features, the aesthetic is sleek and new, and the user interface optimized. And you’ve also got a community of 11 million waiting for you when you sign up.

If you didn’t download the app yet, download it here and follow us on Instagram and Twitter and like us on Facebook.

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  1. Budro227

    Oh please please please don’t add a charge to this site!!!
    I would never be able to have met some of the best hook ups and great friends any other way. Being a married man there are very few options for me. Can’t have other apps on my phone without being questioned. This is a great site
    Don’t change.

  2. Matt

    Yeah, but it needs a LOT of improvement.

    A feature that reveals inactivity would be great. Guys will be on but not “on”.

    There needs to be an “I want to hook up NOW” feature where you can post what sex you want but which disappears if you are not actively engaging in the site.

    There should be a group chat feature.

  3. Marcus

    I love a4a!!!! My one and only sex site. Been on for over 10 years. Met lifelong friends on here. Thanks a4a!!!! The best…

  4. Friar Chicken

    That’s why we love Adam4Adam, and it is the busiest site/app. It beats Grindr, hands down, asses up. The only problem is that it attracts a lot of trashy guys.

    • Dave

      There’s different guys for everyone though. What’s trashy for you might be ideal for another guy. That’s what makes A4A community what it is and the reason why we’ve been out there for 16 years, free! You also should use the filters, I use them myself to make sure I get what I want.

  5. David

    This is why I’m on Adam and skip the others. It’s possible to message and meet people without paying for it; sex involved or not involved in said meeting. I made two of my best friends on this site.

  6. Ray

    I appreciate the app being free but like sophistication, tact, and the prospect of meetings with substance on other apps. Hooking up should be a life-long behavior. After 40 years of advocacy, we must be able to love with more than just our bodies.

  7. Jeffrey

    I meet my husband on here and my boyfriend after that.
    I got my first std from a guy on this site.
    My first 3 some was with a couple on this site
    I learned that I don’t like fisting from a guy
    That piss play is fun
    Thanks for the fond memories A4A.

    Now all you have to do is stop the bots trying to get us to go to other sites.

  8. 4Dicks

    Hi Adam4Adam, I also have been on here for quite a few years…and I do like the fact it is free. I am Bisexual and single and have tried so many different sites, both gay/Bi and straight and have spent a bundle and very seldom ever got a date or a hook-up. Most of my successes have come from A4A. I am so glad you have kept the features free to use. Again thanks for the joy you have provided my way.

  9. mountaindawg

    I am also on 3 other sites but this by far the best for actually meeting up. I would say that 90% of the guys I actually meet are from A4A. My wish for filtering would be to be able to sort my favorites by location. I have VIP service, but some of the guys I meet and chat with don’t, so it is nice that there are so many free features available. A4A levels the playing field, you can meet guys whether you have a limited budget, or a larger social budget, or a money is no problem budget. Plus you can be discreet, out or not out on here. Thanks for being so accessible.

      • Whatever1985

        The only thing you all should add is moveable GPS drop pin or map pin option on Google Maps for those of us who might be traveling in the future. I would like to see the most active areas of the city I’m going to be visiting.


    a4a is perfect as it is. One of those trashy guys turned out to be pretty good. Those that are complaining go find a better place LOL.

  11. Crazysexycool

    Excellent site Dave!,
    I’ve been on here for years. A4A beats Grindr, Jack’d and other apps hands down. The only other App that comes a distance 2nd is Scruff. Overall, I have met more guys on here than the others. Seem as if guys are more active (talking, smiles, etc).

    Thank you and the A4A staff for all the hard work to keep this site FREE!

  12. Fianchetto

    I can understand why some don’t have pics. Would love to see a requirement that at least these guys with no stats whatsoever be made to give full stats to be listed.

  13. bimmw1

    Im a married bi guy heree so i dont do apps on my phone. i use the web. This is the best free site out there and i tell guys that all the time that are on different pays sites. I still go on other sites but just get the free version and its not as good as you guys. I tell guys all the time, go to adam4adam and join. Thanks for what you do and helping us married horny bi guys out

  14. Bob

    Is there any way to curb the fake profiles that keep popping up recently (sometimes 3-4 x day) bashing A4A and plugging other sites???

    • Dave

      We are working on that as we speak. For example since yesterday all the spam/scam accounts that are suspended disappear as soon as they are reported and banned. We will also be implementing mandatory fields for profile and harder captcha.

      • Hunter0500

        How about a date within each profile that populates when it was established? That’d help weed out the bots and players. Undoubtedly, it’s already in the database but just not displayed.

        In the Blog, how about tying posts to established profiles? People become much more well behaved when they have to be credible. This would keep trolls from placing hateful and inflammatory discussions.

  15. Rob

    Thank you A4A! I’ve been on this site for over 10 years. It’s like Facebook for me. I have buddies I chat with regularly all over the world – not to mention plenty of regular local playmates! Thank you again. Keep up the good work!

  16. Friar Chicken

    Then why are you blocking me from blocking profiles unless I pay? Blocking is an absolute necessity for safety reasons, considering how many spammers/scammers/whores and cheaters use your site.

  17. Rick

    Thanks to A4A, I met 5 great guys who became more than sex to me, of course while we still do have uninhibited sessions, the benefits of their friendships has brought joy to my life as well>….squashes all the players and fakes I met.

    • Hunter0500

      Same experience for me. Over the past several years, I have met several good men through A4A who have become good friends and great play buds. Sure, I’ve also run into a small pile of guys who want “grab and go” or “once and done”, selfish sex. It’s pretty easy to spot and avoid them after chatting a bit. That’s their lifestyle choice. And there are plenty of other guys seeking the same. Through A4A, they can find each other.

  18. don

    I am new here from Dallas. A twice divorced, in the closet white old retired guy who only likes black men. A sissy bottom into BDSM play. Been around the horn a few times and know that a dominant black top guy is best for me.
    Is this a good place for me to meetup with someone?

  19. Tommy

    Thank you Adam4 Adam, Your the “BEST” of all these other sites. I’m Tom and I’m a clean black total bottom guy who has a tight butt plus two nice little tits for who ever think that they can handle all this hot black stuff. I’m also interested in meeting a couple of guys, couples.

  20. Christopher J Carta

    These website sites act as if they are doing us a favor.. they are not in fact they should be paying us for the privilege of using our PROFILES which by they way is mostly user generated..without us they would not have men paying for certain perks with out our PROFILES guys would have no reason to be here not to mention the advertising,which brings in alot money. They probably sell our personal info to God only.knows. And all of this made possible by our PROFILES here which they do not have to pay for.. WHAT A SWEET DEAL. So don’t believe them when they say it is a privilege to use this site for free.

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