Warning: Spoilers ahead!

Fans were shookt (but in a good way) when Kaldur’ahm, the new Aquaman in Young Justice: Outsiders, was seen holding hands and kissing another man onscreen in the show’s recent episode titled Quiet Conversations. And yes, we are talking about thatDC comic book superhero.

Anyway, the handsome man was identified as Kaldur’s fellow Atlantean named Wyynde, one of the members of King Orin’s royal guards. If there was something left to be desired about this new piece of information, according to the show’s fans, it’s that they never got to see how the romance between the two developed. Reportedly, the two men were enemies during the Purist Crisis. I guess we need to watch the remaining episodes of Young Justice: Outsiders if we want to find out more about their relationship (or start watching it if we haven’t yet).

While Kaldur has not addressed his sexuality openly on the show thus far, he was previously in love with Tula, a fellow student at the Conservatory of Sorcery in Atlantis. She, however, ended up dating Garth, Kaldur’s best friend. Ouch.


Kaldur was formerly known as Aqualad and he was King Orin’s protégé. He inherited the mantle of Aquaman when King Orin retired from his heroic duties in order to focus on his responsibilities as King of Atlantis. I have yet to watch Young Justice: Outsiders though it’s now in its third season but I do know that King Orin is also Arthur Curry, the Aquaman in the 2018 film played by actor Jason Momoa. Naturally, some fans are hoping that they’d be able to watch Aqualad in the aforementioned movie’s sequel although whether or not this will happen remains to be seen.

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