TV: Aquaman Comes Out as Gay in ‘Young Justice: Outsiders’

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

Fans were shookt (but in a good way) when Kaldur’ahm, the new Aquaman in Young Justice: Outsiders, was seen holding hands and kissing another man onscreen in the show’s recent episode titled Quiet Conversations. And yes, we are talking about thatDC comic book superhero.

Anyway, the handsome man was identified as Kaldur’s fellow Atlantean named Wyynde, one of the members of King Orin’s royal guards. If there was something left to be desired about this new piece of information, according to the show’s fans, it’s that they never got to see how the romance between the two developed. Reportedly, the two men were enemies during the Purist Crisis. I guess we need to watch the remaining episodes of Young Justice: Outsiders if we want to find out more about their relationship (or start watching it if we haven’t yet).

While Kaldur has not addressed his sexuality openly on the show thus far, he was previously in love with Tula, a fellow student at the Conservatory of Sorcery in Atlantis. She, however, ended up dating Garth, Kaldur’s best friend. Ouch.


Kaldur was formerly known as Aqualad and he was King Orin’s protégé. He inherited the mantle of Aquaman when King Orin retired from his heroic duties in order to focus on his responsibilities as King of Atlantis. I have yet to watch Young Justice: Outsiders though it’s now in its third season but I do know that King Orin is also Arthur Curry, the Aquaman in the 2018 film played by actor Jason Momoa. Naturally, some fans are hoping that they’d be able to watch Aqualad in the aforementioned movie’s sequel although whether or not this will happen remains to be seen.

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  1. jim markus

    Oh enough already!! I grew up with all these “Super Heroes” and NO hey weren’t gay then an they are NOT FUKKIN gay now. Stop with the Faggot shit already, and you wonder why gays are not readily accepted. Stop forcing the shit and be done with it!! When will people learn that you can’t FORCE your will on others, and gay demand acceptance. When you stop forcing shit, things will change, not before.

    • BiGuy77

      Soo by your logic, lgbt relationships should not be shown… and that will lead to acceptance? Yeah. That makes sense. Smh

      Also, you really need to ask yourself why you’re getting all riled up over a cartoon. Characters (especially in comics) get re imagined all the time and you’re not being forced to watch. Calm down.

    • hypoxisus

      Gays will never readily be accepted whether we’re visible on a cartoon or not. So what’s your point, sis? No one likes a self loathing gay, go sit on a dick.

    • simple

      Man y’all motha fuckers are so stupid it’s comical. Ain’t nobody forcing shit. Seriously, one gay character, ONE, and that means it’s being “forced”? The only way for it to not be forced is if the gay content is zero. Bitch own up to your own homophobia and be done with it. If you grew up with these heroes, you’d know how much this show gets wrong, comics re-imagine all the time. Gays aren’t accepted because we can’t have dudes kissing without y’all dipshits getting a heart attack.

    • KC

      One other thing: Your assertion that portrayal of a bi character in comics is the reason that gays get bashed is not only absurd, it’s deeply disrespectful of the thousands of gay folks who have been bashed and killed over the centuries. From recent examples like Matthew Shepard and Alan Turing to the native two-spirit peoples of North America, whom the Spanish explorer Balboa tied up and murdered with wild dogs who tore their flesh off, gays have faced discrimination, oppression, and violence when we were largely invisible, and certainly had no representation in the media.

      The reason that gays get bashed is because of discrimination, a lot of it coming from Christianity and Islam — two extremely backward religions. (Sorry — but it has to be said. ) The other reason is because of the construction of masculinity. Guys who are seen as non-masculine or not truly ‘manly’ lose face, lose standing, lose respect — and the fear of that loss causes them to lash out against whatever may make them seem ‘weak’. They want to be accepted by other guys, and deeply fear being seen as gay. Portrayal of a likable gay hero, in the form of Aquaman, actually counters that stigma.

      Saying that Aquaman is the reason that gays get bashed ignores history and ignores facts.

  2. Hunter0500

    This may sound old fashioned, but …

    The people falling all over themselves about the big coming out here are discussing an annimated character. An “it”. Not a “who”. And treating “it” with a high level of emotional support as though “it” was human and as though “it” made decisions about “it’s” life. The writers of the franchise make those decisions, not the character.

    This may sound old fashioned, but investing a whole lot of emotion into a fictional character just seems very messed up. Wouldn’t it be better to step back toward reality and invest our time and our emotions into the live people around us?

  3. Diego deLeon

    Really, you’re that bent out of shape about a FICTIONAL character having actual human traits, like sexuality? Who cares who he’s sleeping with? It doesn’t ruin the story line nor does it hamper his abilities, so grow up and find actual things to get upset about.

    (And since gay people occur in every day life, a gay character isn’t “forced”; that’s life!

  4. Martin X

    While people may argue that it doesn’t matter whether a character is gay, or black, or female, disabled, etc, the fact remains that people feel a greater sense of inclusion when they see people like themselves represented with respect in media, one of the reasons for the success of “Black Panther”. The people who are most upset about this sort of thing are those who are already well-represented in the media: white straight males.

  5. KC

    I’m sort of tired of spending so much money on taxes, the majority of which go toward public education, when I read comments like this. Basic high school history. Basic English for that matter. Both totally lacking in the majority of comments on this page.

    Anyone who has studied the history of civil rights knows full well that to create change and acceptance, you have to have visibility, you have to have discussion, and you sometimes have to push. People in power don’t give rights out of the kindness of their hearts; they do so because it’s in their interest.

    And if you’re so self-hating, for God’s sake, please don’t sleep with other guys, Jim Markus, Butchblack, Chuck and Daniel. Seriously, there’s so much self-hatred and internalized homophobia that it’s made the gay community totally toxic. We’d be better off without all the self-haters.

  6. Bun Ho

    Excuse me but if he has “dated WOMEN” and is now “kissing a guy”… dosen’t that make him “Bi”? You are not “Gay” as long as you still date the other gender.

  7. Martin

    So many self hating gay commenters. Cartoons are not why people get bashed. This is fiction, but the reality of this comments sections….smh

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