It’s an age-old question; suffice to say you probably encountered it many times already. Regardless, Adam4Adam readers, which one are you: a briefs guy, a commando guy, or a boxers kind of guy? 

Some gay men confess they prefer briefs because they think it’s sexier and because wearing boxers with jeans is “terrible” while others beg to disagree and say that they love boxers because they are “good for easy access” and because they “provide you with the freedom you need.” However, others chimed in and argued that if “easy access” is what one wants, then nothing beats going commando because it “feels really great.”

Others explained their underwear choices merely reflect their needs. If they are working out, then they wear a pair of briefs because of the much-needed support but if they’re at home, then they don’t mind going commando. For rigorous activities like martial arts, football, baseball, etc., experts recommend jockstraps with protective cups for support and protection. If you want to throw science into the mix however, then, boxer shorts is the clear winner.

That’s them though, what about you? What are the factors that you consider when you are buying your underwear? Is it, for you, about the design, cut, or comfort? Maybe it’s the fabric or the latest styles? Is it the brand or the color, perhaps it’s all of the above? 

Having said all that, what kind of underwear do you love to wear, guys? Share with us your answer to our questions above in the comments section below and don’t forget to answer our survey as well and check out the summer sale at Freshpair for savings up to 50%

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