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Unless you prefer going commando, getting yourself a good pair of underwear is definitely a must. And in this day and age, you don’t have to limit yourself to wearing a pair of tighty whities to every occasion. Thanks to Adam4Adam and Freshpair, you’ve got every type of underwear to choose from — and you can even get them at a discount of up to 50 percent!

For instance, if you’re looking for every day underwear, why don’t you try out the Clever Arctic Penguin Boxer Brief? Comfortable and with a contoured pouch, it’s also got a fun print that makes it great to wear. If you buy it now, you can get it for $17.50, less 50 percent of the original price of $35.

If you’re a gym and fitness enthusiast who leads an active lifestyle, the Ergo Wear Gym Max Mesh Jockstrap might be the pair of undies for you. It’s made out of ultra flexible and resistant mesh fabric perfect for sports and time at the gym. It’s low cut and has side straps sewn on the outside of the waistband, and is selling at $19.50, less 25 percent the original retail price of $26.

If you’re out on the prowl and looking to get laid, a sexy pair of underwear is definitely going to be a must-have, so why not try out the Andrew Christian Lick Suck Fuck C-Ring Jock? It’s a pretty straightforward piece of clothing that doesn’t cover much since it has a cock ring front that supports and lifts your cock. You’re ready for action as soon as the clothes come off. It’s less 25 percent now, so you can buy it for $13.50 rather than the regular retail price of $18.

Finally, wearing a comfortable pair of underwear is essential when you’re going to sleep. Wearing loose underwear is even more important, especially if you’re worried about your sperm count. According to a Harvard University study, men who wear boxer shorts “had a 25 per cent higher sperm concentration, 17 per cent higher total sperm count and 33 per cent more swimming sperm in a single ejaculate than men who wore other types of underwear.”

With that in mind, why not buy yourself Doreanses’ Essential Homey Boxer? It is a loose-fitting underwear made of 100 percent cotton, with an elastic waistband as well as a front fly. You can buy it now for $9.75, less 25 percent its usual $13 price tag.

These are just a few of the options available to you at the Adam4Adam and Freshpair summer sale. Check out the sale and get yourself underwear to use for every occasion!

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  1. Nathan

    Ah! Skivvies!

    I remember my first pair.

    They were regulation type…under the uniform. Hid everything except the Big-Boys! No style; no elegance; no fit; no revelation.

    Form followed function…no support…just hangin’ free and clear. The problem arose when the eyes saw something tantalizing…that certain thing rose up and was quite noticeable.

    Had to hide it from the boys!

    But there were those boys who could see through the trousers and the skivvies!

  2. Hunter0500

    Great. We’re now dividing ourselves by our underwear.

    I’ve been a boxer briefs guy for years. Now we’re told by this ad that guys who find that low cost, tighty whities suit their needs for comfort, style, and fit are “limited.” And guys who choose more costly, diverse styles are “comfortable, flexible, sexy, fun, and loose.”

    Should we now quiz potential playmates about their underwear? And reject those who fall into the “limited” category?

  3. James Patrick

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