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What is your favorite sleepwear, guys? Do you wear a pair of pajamas, a shirt, and your favorite underwear, or maybe it’s just a pair of briefs sans the shirt? What about a shirt and a pair of shorts, with no underwear underneath? Perhaps you sleep in the nude?

We took a look online at some of the gay and bisexual men’s sleepwear choices and as with everything in life, their answers vary. Quite a few replied that their choice depends on the weather. Some of them wear “sleep shorts” during summer and a pair of pajamas during winter. A rather popular choice, however, is sleeping buck naked.

One gay man, for example, revealed, “Nude is the only way to do it! Even better when you’ve got fresh bed sheets on the bed and you’ve just had a nice shower… sliding in between those fresh sheets is such a great feeling hahaha.”

His sleeping habit is a stark contrast to this guy who replied, “Personally, I sort of go a bit overboard. I wear a t-shirt, sleeping pants, boxers, and socks. Every inch of my body is covered except for my hands and head. Somehow I find this to be really comfortable.” You can read the entire thread here.

Here on Adam4Adam, we always say to each his own. Whatever makes you feel comfortable and sleep better at night is the right choice for you.

Anyway, for those who sleep buck naked, and love it, here is why. Multiple studies have found that sleeping naked has its benefits. For one, it “improves your sleep quality and makes you feel less tired,” according to WebMD. They further revealed that “sleeping naked can help you get better rest, reduce your stress, and even help you to lose weight.” This is because sleeping naked helps “keep our skin temperature down” and it helps keep us “stay cool overall” thereby making us feel more comfortable hence sleep comes easier. Read the article in full here.

Having said all that, what do you wear to bed, guys? Are you the type who wears your favorite underwear while sleeping? If so, you might want to check A4A’s range of men’s underwear. More importantly, what kind of sleepwear do you wish your partner would wear to bed? Share with us your thoughts and stories in the comments section below!

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