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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, guys, which is why we want to ask you: at this point in your life, which are you looking for—love or sex? And for those who are not here on Adam4Adam because of the former, why are you not looking for love? How come? 

We are just curious, that’s why we are asking. We stumbled upon this thread and the most popular reasons gay men cited as to why they were not looking for love at that point of their life included, and we quote, “I’d like to get myself better established before I consider committing to anyone.” 

Another guy responded with along the same lines, “I wanna get completely financially and emotionally secure first.” Further, he explained, “No point in going out with someone if I’m not happy with myself or where I’m at.”

This guy, however, has a different reason altogether. He confessed, “I have acne so I tend to not go looking for dudes while my face and back are covered in it. If I had clear skin then I’d look for love.”

Meanwhile, two other guys responded, “I’m not a love person, and I don’t want to lead anyone on,” while the other said, “I’m in a happily selfish phase in life.”

Anyway, whether you are looking for love or sex, then you surely are not alone. A study found, however, that online daters’ main goal on dating sites is to find love more than hookups. Further, the study added that the more motivated they are in their quest for love, the more inclined they are to meet their match face-to-face.

How true are the study’s findings for you, guys, though? 

Are you here on Adam4Adam to find love, or are you the type who wants to stay single all your life and just have fun? Share with us your thoughts and stories in the comments section below. And don’t forget to enter our Giveaway on Instagram, to win $1000 of goodies from our Store!

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