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A TikTok user, Clarkson Lawson, has ignited a debate online with his recent video critiquing open relationships.

Based in Florida, Lawson, 26, specifically took issue with individuals in open relationships who claimed their relationship is more “superior” or a more “evolved” status compared to those adhering to heteronormative traditions. His video has prompted a debate on this perspective within the LGBTQ+ community.


Sorry but THIS HAD TO BE SAID… You’re “open” relationship is not indicative of maturity or an evolved state of being. There’s actually a strong argument that it indicates the opposite of that. #clarksonlawson #republican #conservative #lgbt #lgbtq

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His video was captioned, “Sorry but THIS HAD TO BE SAID… Your “open” relationship is not indicative of maturity or an evolved state of being.

“There’s actually a strong argument that it indicates the opposite of that.”

He reasoned that sex is a “primal urge” and that “what separates us from the rest of the animal kingdom and Neanderthals is being able to not act on primary urges when it is in our best interests.

“So no, having an open relationship is not the next step in evolution. It’s actually regressing.”

Further, he said, “Don’t sit here and act like you reinvented the wheel because you let someone else sleep with your boyfriend.”

As for the other reason commonly given by those in an open relationship which is that “sex is not the defining factor of their relationship.” Lawson said, “This is very easily debunked. Your relationship is defined by sex because you cannot give it up with other people in order to be in a relationship.”

In the end, Lawson admitted that whether someone is on a monogamous or open relationship is “none of my business.” He added, “If it works for you, it works for you. Just don’t sit here and put yourself on some moral pedestal. Like you’re the second coming of Einstein because you and your boyfriend are able to let someone else into your relationship.”

Do you agree with him?

Of course, netizens also gave their two cents in the matter.

“Knew of a couple that ‘opened’ on husband’s request… the wife and girlfriend ended up together and kicked him out of the home. man was going thru it,” someone revealed while another commented, “Open relationship = You are an option.”

On the other hand, another person shared, “I call open relationships ‘soft launching your breakup.’ It never lasts & the people who fight me hardest on it break up first.”

Meanwhile, someone said, “I for one and not offended. everyone is entitled to their own opinion. what works for me and my partner doesn’t work for others and that’s okay.”

Having said all that, what about you, guys? Do you agree with Lawson? Or you think being in an open relationship is better? Is monogamy outdated already? What are your thoughts and stories on this matter? Share it with us in the comments section below!

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