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It’s a day before Valentine’s Day 2022, guys, so we thought we should share the love story of our A4A users Fanon and his partner Ray who found each other here on Adam4Adam in 2004. They’ve been together since 2009. 

Every once in a while, we receive amazing stories in our mailbox like theirs and nothing could make us happier than this. Probably because it’s a positive affirmation, not to mention that it really feels great to see that our work brings two wonderful human beings together. This is probably why even though we’ve been with Adam4Adam for many years already but we still get emotional every time we read success stories, it just never gets old. Please read on to know about their story: 

Hi. [You] asked for my story regarding my partner of 13 years.   Yeah, we met on Adam4Adam back in 2004.   What started as a hookup ended up being a date with dinner and a walk in the park at night.

After that date though, we kinda went our separate ways because we were in different stages in our lives but we did keep running into each other over time in various areas of San Diego over a course of a few years.  We even had gone through our own relationships. So we met other folks and all but they didn’t work out.  But in 2009, we were both single and both of us were back on Adam4dam and [we] saw each other’s online profile and ended [up] going on another date and  the rest is history.

Some of us are searching for love, others, for sex, either way we’d like to wish you luck. And we sincerely hope you’ll find the one for you, just like Fanon and Ray did, all we can say is that we never really know where things can lead.

Anyway, have you got a love story to tell? If you too met your soulmate, best friend, significant other, boyfriend, partner, husband or lover here on Adam4Adam, please feel free to contact us via [email protected] and share your awesome story. We’ll feature you on the blog and on our Instagram.

Hurry and type away! We’d really love to hear your story!

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