Sometimes, sometimes our brain turns into mush whenever we are in front of the person we like and we tend to do or say embarrassing things that we normally won’t do. Unfortunately hindsight is 20/20, and whether we admit it or not, I’m pretty sure we all have stories like that. The good news is that after much time has passed us by, these things become a fond memory, at least for me.

If it’s any comfort, we are not actually alone in this regard. In fact, some guys took to Reddit to confess the most embarrassing thing they’ve ever done in the name of love. 

  • Love turns us into poets – one netizen confessed he wrote a poem for his high school crush, he signed it, and then he slipped it into his locker. He got rejected and was avoided “at all costs.”
  • Love turns us into a drunken mess sometimes – this one guy confessed how he’d gotten drunk and “started telling him how hot he was and that I could picture us married.” The guy was a sport and even brought him home.
  • Love turns us into artists – one guy confessed he drew a charcoal portrait of his high school crush and then said crush found out about his supposedly secret feelings for him. 
  • Love turns us into masters of pick-up lines – but we are bad at saying them or at choosing the right time. One netizen told this really hot guy, “I’m yours if you want me,” except that they were in a bar and the music chose to stop at that moment.  Everyone at the table therefore, heard him. Fifteen years later his best friend still repeats the line to him, while staring at him intently. 
  • Love turns us into chefs – or not. One guy revealed he tried to cook a pasta recipe during a dinner date but they “ended up getting pizza.” Don’t worry, there’s a saying that it’s the thought that counts so I’m sure it was fine.

Read the other guys’ confessions here and don’t forget to share with us the most embarrassing thing you have ever done for love in the comments section below!

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