Valentine’s Day is almost here, guys! Do you celebrate the occasion? If so, how do you have a sexy Valentine’s Day? Anyone?

To help you, we listed several suggestions that we thought could spice up your day. Take a look below:

Set the mood – Are you and your partner going to enjoy a dinner somewhere fancy, or are the two of you simply going to enjoy a quiet night?

Maybe you are choosing to stay alone at home? Whatever the case is, celebrate the day even if it’s low key! There is no reason we shouldn’t, so dress the part if you’re going out, just putting in the effort is already sexy and also, wear that provocative underwear. 

Yes, you should wear a pair of sexy underwear, even if you’re single. Why not, it’s one way of looking good and feeling good, we are celebrating the day of love and we should love and take care of ourselves!

Give him an erotic massage – we all know that it’s just of course, a prelude to sexy time, we all know what will follow after that. If you are single, you can have a massage from a spa, it’s a great way to treat ourselves not to mention it’s a powerful way to destress. 

Have sex toys at the ready – whether it’s for solo play or with a partner, a great sex toy is very useful to have and must be a part of our bedside manners and preparations already because not only does it help spice things up, it also gives us stimulation. 

Speaking of sex toys, we are giving away a free sex toy—it’s a free ruby butt plug set worth $42.95—in honor of Valentine’s Day 2022, and here is how you can get it for free:

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Engage in an Erotic Role Play – it’s Valentine’s Day! Step out of your comfort zone for once and explore your kinkiest fantasies together. He can be a pizza delivery guy, or your boss, or you can be a stripper, or you guys can pretend you’re strangers, the possibilities are endless. It’s the game of seduction; it’s what makes it hot.


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