So, why are you still single? 

How often do you get asked this question guys and how do you answer friends and family members when they ask you this? We are talking about this topic because we hear this question often enough during family and high school/college reunions or even during intimate gatherings with friends that it has become the dreaded question of all time. Maybe that’s an exaggeration but gosh, even strangers online ask this. 

I guess what irks people about this seemingly innocent question is how it somehow suggests that being single is wrong, which of course, is not. Anyway, we took to Reddit to check how netizens respond whenever they encounter this question. Take a look at some of their clever one-liner answers below which are sometimes funny but at the same time, are dashed with a bit of truth.  

  1. Why are you in a relationship? 
  2. I won’t settle for a mistake.
  3. I just am.
  4. Because I haven’t found the right one just yet.
  5. Because I’m not really into you.
  6. Why should I not be single?
  7. Nobody can afford me.
  8. I do a credit check first.
  9. Because dates always end up resembling job interviews which is a huge turn off.
  10. I’d rather be single and happy than be in a relationship but miserable.

There you go, guys! And here is a bonus; a response I heard from my college professor in marketing which I thought was brilliant: “Because I have not found my market yet.”

What about you, how do you answer this question? Sound off in the comments section below.

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