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The gay community is diverse and vibrant, filled with unique trends and cultural nuances that make it so rich and fascinating. However, there are always some trends or behaviors that might leave you scratching your head. Or at least this is the case for some of the gay men on Reddit. The original poster (OP) of the thread asked, “What is something that is common in the gay community but you just don’t seem to understand it?”

Here are some popular responses we’ve gathered:

  1. Diva worshipping: Some people just don’t get the intense adoration for divas like Cher, Mariah, or Madonna, or the case of today’s generation – Nicki Minaj, Taylor Swift, and Beyoncé.
  • Drag culture: Drag, drag race, drag queens – while many celebrate and enjoy this vibrant part of the community, others find it hard to connect with. “You be you, by all means!” said one of the gay men on the thread. “No shade. I just don’t get the appeal.”
  • Open relationships and excessive partying: The concept of open relationships and frequent parties can be baffling to some.
  • Extreme femininity: While some appreciate small bits of femininity, the full-on feminine behavior in both social and sexual life is hard to grasp for others. One commenter on the thread said, “That’s not to say I judge guys who are like that. I just honestly don’t get the appeal of being very feminine. Especially when it comes to sex where girls’ underwear and such are used.”
  • Hooking up with strangers: Open relationships and casual hookups can be a source of anxiety for some, making it a hard trend to understand.

What about you, Adam4Adam readers? What is something that is common in the gay community but you just don’t seem to understand it? Are there any trends or cultural practices that you find puzzling or hard to relate to? We’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below.

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