News: ‘Straight Pride’ Parade Proposal in Boston Sparks Outrage

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“Straight people are an oppressed majority.”

Pride Month 2019 is underway and this Boston-based group’s application for a permit to hold a “straight pride parade” in said city on August 31 is certainly drawing attention online. The group, called “Super Happy Fun America (SHFA),” celebrates heterosexuality. SHFA stated on their website that they advocate on behalf of the straight community and they hope to “encourage everyone to embrace our community’s diverse history, culture, and identity regardless of sexual orientation.” 

So far, SHFA has four members: John Hugo (President), Mark Sahady (Vice President), Chris Bartley (Gay Ambassador), and Anthony Tamagna (Media Relations). They also have a flag and they named actor Brad Pitt as their “mascot” because Pitt “is a hero to straight men all around the world.” According to their website, their gay member Chris Bartley’s job is to “use his status in the LGBTQ community to challenge heterophobia wherever it exists.” Bartley said in his bio that he “became involved in the straight pride movement after being ostracized from established advocacy groups for merely suggesting that straight people be afforded equal rights.”

When asked by Queerty why he’s working to bring “Straight Pride” to Boston, Bartley said it’s to “showcase how extreme the left has become.” He explained, “My motivation to participate in this year’s Straight Pride is to make the far left realize how insane they have become and how overarching they are.” The sentiment was echoed by Sahady who said in a Facebook post that the “straight pride parade” is “meant to poke fun at the ‘identity politics’ of the political left.”

The proposed festivity is just a day-long and it features events like the parade, a closing ceremony complete with a “straight pride flag-raising ceremony,” speeches, and a community outreach. SHFA will also invite Martin J. Walsh, Boston’s Mayor, to “participate and express the city’s support for the straight community.”

Take a look at what the netizens are saying about “Straight Pride” below:

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  1. Jeffrey

    If gay men want equal rights we can not deny them their straight pride parade. We can not hate them for having a straight pride parade. We should embrace them accept them and support them. That is what we are asking them to do for us.
    I’ll march in their parade. Because I want everyone to be equal and proud.

    • Barry-NJ

      Why would you march in their parade? They don’t even know what they’re celebrating. The organizers of this “straight pride” parade certainly wouldn’t be marching in a gay pride parade.

      They have every right to have their parade. But, no one is under any obligation to “accept and support them.”

      • Edward

        “Why would you march in their parade?”

        To show support for people that are different than you? To show that the world is big enough for all people? To show the world that gay people aren’t delicate snowflakes, and they don’t need everything to be about them? To show the world that they are strong enough to support others?

        I mean… tell me why I should march in a gay pride parade? I’ve never been a victim for my sexuality (In fact, the only people that have given me shit about being Bi are gay guys…). Why should I go see every corporation and politician try and capitalize on the gays? The last gay pride I went to (DC) had wayyyy more hot straight women at it than gay guys.

        Are you mad at them for being there? Are you so fragile that you need their help / support?

        The best way to show the world what real equality looks like is to go have fun at a straight pride parade as a gay man.

  2. Wayne

    Why would they need a straight pride? LGBT pride is full of self hate so we’re already parading to keep their straight way of life intact.

  3. Barry-NJ

    Let them have their incel parade. Fighting it just gives them publicity. It’ll be a good way to get the Boston area homophobes in one place for pictures.

  4. Matt (Black)

    I think pride week should be inclusive of all and strongly advertised as such. I know straight people attend pride events but I’m not sure if other straights are invited or wanted seriously by gays to attend. It would be awesome to come together as one!!! Gays have made a substantial gain as far as civil rights and equally but still have a ways to go…I think a lot of oversexed gays use pride events to get as much strange dick as they can get. It’s a golden opportunity to randomally fuck as many asses as they can during that week. I know this is strong language but I don’t want to sugar coat my message. I personally hear the stories after they return with sore dicks and wide open sore asses. I never been to any pride activities, parades or anything and have no desire to. I see it on the news and it’s amazing how huge it has become and I’m sure alot of good has come from it.
    I’m not naive and I do understand the importance of pride week and it’s message to help other gays appreciate, embrace and proudly identify their sexuality.

  5. tek

    God people need to learn to take a joke. This is hilarious, and your outrage makes it even funnier. The concept of any sort of our “pride” in parades is simply down to wanting an excuse to get drunk or get naked. Lighten up.

  6. Will

    I fully support any group’s right to march/protest/parade as long as they are following all applicable laws (permits, fees, and the like). Free speech applies to everyone, whether we agree with it or not, whether it is popular or not, even if it is abhorrent or not. Guess I’ve reached the point where getting outraged over most things is a waste of time.

  7. Hunter0500

    The Straight Pride Movement has is roots in the 1980s. Even then, as equality was being sought supposedly “for all”, certain members of a segment of society felt themselves being disenfranchised, brushed aside, oppressed, told they could have no voice. Whites, Conservatives, religious, males those with any amount of wealth ranked within their numbers. Years of opresssion by Democrats, Liberals, Progressives imploded on them in the 2016 US Presidential election. The results gave a clear message … the pendulum was swinging back from the Left.

    The organizers of the event in Boston have chosen to stand up, take the backlash, face the outrage. All for equality It’ll be interesting to see how it plays out going forward.

  8. sickofit

    Seriously? Is this really what we’re getting our panties all in a wad over? Related articles showing at the bottom of this one:
    Kenya’s high court upholds anti-lgbt laws.
    SCOTUS to decide whether firing people for being gay is legal.

    Meanwhile our brothers and sisters in the Middle East are being tossed off rooftops and getting their heads lopped off, and other atrocities, and a lame publicity stunt from a 4-person group is what we get “outraged” over and want to “do something about it”???

    Pathetic and cowardly

    • Barry-NJ

      The SCOTUS article is from a couple of years ago. Don’t know the age of the article about Kenya.

      You know, we don’t have to solve all the problems of gays everywhere before we can talk about the stupid concept of “straight pride.”

  9. Worn-down Southern Warrior

    …Yet another example of clueless heterocentricity.

    Jerks like these boys give privileged middle-aged white guys a bad reputation!

    I shake my head when I see what my service protected. I’m honored to have defended their right to free speech, yet chagrined at how frivolouslyy they have chosen to exercise that tight. If they were truly serious about heterocentic pride, then they would be better-served by focusing on the other stupid privileged old white guys who are hell-bent on turning the clock back on half of their group, and demote women to chattel status, where the state takes over their uteri, and women & girls are relegated to being primarily a life-support system for their wombs.

    This bunch of silly white boys purporting to advance the cause of heterocentricity are at best half-right–and thus totally WRONG, in their choice to use their Right to Free Speech in this manner.

    That same right empowers me to label them misguided, ignorant, self-centered, narcissistic ASSHOLES. I can only imagine (NOT!) who their fact-twisting, mysoginistic, disgraceful inspiration is.

    So let them have their parade.
    And let us line the sidewalks along the route, and take a page from GoT: “Shame!…Shame!… Shame!…”
    But leave our spoiled food at home. ..however much we might wish for a few rotten tomatoes in-hand as they pass by.

    We are better than that.

      • Bart

        Sometimes free speech and slander exist very closely on the opposite sides of a delicate boundary. In this case i believe it’s free speech and should always be protected by law. Even sometimes as closely as free speech and slander can exist, they are counterpoints. That being said, sometimes frivolity is a feature of statements made while exercising the right to free speech.

        Does SHFA truly and seriously believe that a violation of free speech and the denial of equal rights of white heterosexual men is happening? If they believe a line has been crossed concerning their equal rights is for the judicial system on which to rule. Absolutely SHFA has a right to contest if they are denied permits and really feel they have a just cause.

        Do they truly feel their cause legitimate? Any individual or any group has a right contest being denied basic rights. I believe most people as well as the courts will agree their claims to be frivolous. That basic rights have been denied to white heterosexual men is frivolity. Their parade is meant to mock and parody the LGBT community . To prove they as group have been denied to pursuance of the same rights to housing, job security, and legal marriage to whom they choose as LBGT, people of color, or women is preposterous.

        I say let them have a parade. It will only make them look puerile and fatuous. It will turn out to a humiliation for the SHFA and an awkward embarrassment for heterosexuals that understand justice and support LGBT causes and should not have to feel uncomfortable by a small group of childish ridiculous jackasses.

  10. JB

    Why should this be such a surprise that some in the straight community want to copy the concept of gay pride festival with a straight pride festival? We have seen where great gayborhoods have been created in major cities with upgrading houses, etc. only to then have straight homeowners move in and begin to take over those areas. Seems like it is the LGBT+ community that has the artistic and cultural diversity to create these great things that the straight community then have to copy or take.

  11. Libertarian Queer

    How amusing. And completely acceptable, too. They recently named Milo Yianopoulos as their mascot which I find rather delightful in my own special, gay, and philosophical way. It’s also nice they have an actual gay guy as their ambassador to all things gay. I don’t mind this movement’s development at all. It’s quite a refreshing change from the leftists and “how insane they have become and how overarching they are.” Equal rights means they’re not better than me but it also means I can still think I’m better than them if I want to. Or, should we browbeat our pandering and brainless legislators into making up another stupid, useless, “hate crime” law for the thought police to enforce? The city of Boston denied them the opportunity to raise their flag on the city flag pole. I wonder if the city let the gay flag take a ride on the pole in the past? It will be fun to see the subsequent court battle over the denial play out.

    Well, it’s back to A4A for me so I can find a dick to suck today and maybe even plant my ass-flag on a meat pole in hopes of satisfying my love for all things dick and cum. Not because I’m better at it than a str8 woman or man, even though I think I am. :O~~~<====8

  12. Kev01

    When straight people start needing to come out of the closet, when they start hiding who they are out of fear of repercussions from other people, including their own family members, if their straightness were to be found out, when their straightness causes their lives to be put in danger if they were to walk down the street hand in hand as a couple as it is with gay couples, they can hit me up and we can have a conversation about straight pride.

  13. Ken94110

    Haters are all around us. Somehow when the racist white Anglos(redundant!) annihilated the Americas and raped the native Indians and eventually pushed them into reservations and treating them like 2nd class citizens in their own land… they declared themselves the superior race and delusional to this day that they own this land and all non-whites are unwelcomed! US is a nation of immigrants! Who and their ancestors haven’t immigrated to the continent of America? Who or what race or non-white ethnicity hasn’t been oppressed and mistreated as 2nd class citizen by white Anglos? And when these oppressed ethnic groups demand their rights and recognition and organize marches or parades, they’re confronted by the racist Anglos again with ridiculous ignorant bigoted remarks such as, oh well if marriage between 2 same sex should be allowed, then I should be able to marry my horse, or if you gonna have a gay parade, then I want a straight parade, or if Black people can organize a One Million Man march, then I should be able to have a KKK parade. When did any non-white ethnicity oppressed these racist white Nazis aka ignorant Trump Supporters that they feel like they deserve a parade?

  14. Barry-NJ

    Their “mascot” is Brad Pitt. Odd that a bunch of supposedly straight men would choose someone who is a gay man’s wet dream.

  15. Ben

    They can be proud as soon as they get arrested for dancing together in a bar, or have to fight a long legal battle for rights they are entitled to. This guy is just another sad Trump snowflake who realizes that the days of everyone being about him and his kind are over and he hates that. He’s the type of straight man who’s afraid if gays, and women, and people of color get “too much” equality, they’ll be treated the way his kind treated minority groups. That won’t happen. Probably. Hopefully his next boss will be a black Muslim lesbian.

  16. tad

    Brad Pitt is not so straight you lowbrow morons! He was hustling a corner in West Hollywood when i met him in 1986. We made out after i gave him some money upon hearing his sob story, he said “i’m not usually gay, but, i can tell you’ve got a big dick,,,” I invited him to live in my house, but, then all i got were crank calls at 3 a.m…. In 2005 he sold me out to the London mafia for a stolen (from me) Million to sign against me to help Them steal the $4Billion inheritance poor murdered-for-it Paul Getty Jr. left to me in his Will – as a mercy when he found out how they’d exploited my brutal Rohypnol kidnap, torture, gang-rape, attempted murder! This ghastly horrible “actor” only got into showbiz cuz he ffisted Dina Merrill to advance. A hack, hustler, unethical, small dicked joke is hardly anyones mascot or idol.

  17. bjjj

    White Pride, Gay Pride, Black Power, Black Lives Matter, and so on. Why can’t people just accept each other for who they are? Sure different groups and countries have different cultures, but were all human. I have no problem with people showing their support, especially when they have been and still are mistreated, and looked at as lower class citizens. Everybody is worth while, whether they are poor, rich, gay, straight, bi, black, white, etc. We all are part of and contribute to society. The white supremacy groups today makes me furious. No race, or sexual preference is better than the other. PS, I am gay and white, and so what, it’s no big deal.

  18. Joel

    I’m gay and I’m totally cool with straight people having a straight pride parade. It’s not the end of the world, queenies.

  19. George

    At first I thought it was a good idea, then I read why they wanted the Straight Pride Parade. Saying the wanted equal rights for straights and that straights were not equal. Hmm, where did I hear something similar. Oh yes, when Lou Dobson or another Fox host complains about white men losing their place at the top. This is not a Straight Event, it is a white Straight Man Event. They didn’t mention the plight of their Straight Sisters regarding sexual attacks or the fact they don’t get equal pay. They say it is meant to show the left how ridiculous we have become, but it is really showing us how the right has not changed. It is still all about the poor white men who aren’t given the respect they deserve for giving us out present day world. I could go on for pages explaining that what we have is not so great and a lot of what they built, especially in this country, was done on the back of slave labor or indentured servitude.

    This is a trick to get liberals to sign on for the White Man’s cause. I, for one will stay home. The straight white man has had their turn running things. It is time they take a back seat and let the people of color and woman take the reigns of power. If they are lucky the new leaders won’t discriminate against them like they were discriminated against. But if they do suffer from discrimination in the job, housing, stock market, earn lower wages and pay more for their cars, well payback is a bitch. Maybe we can lose the, I think insulting term, African Americans (they are Americans so it is beyond me we have to make them different) and replace it with black. But on the flip side maybe we introduce AWM. American White Mail.

    This is just the opinion of one white mail who has had enough and seen more than enough regarding the attempt of white men to turn time back to the fifties or further. They have got to be stopped.

  20. Jon

    As long as gays promise to keep their clothes on and leave their dildos at home, gays and straights could get together once per year for a celebration that includes everybody. What should we call it? I know! Independence Day!

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