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It’s now been over two years since COVID-19, and almost two years since it was declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO), would you say that your sex life has changed since then? If so, in what ways did it change? Take a look at some of the ways our sex lives have been altered, according to various studies:

Face-to-face meetings. The first obvious impact, of course, is the way how this pandemic has limited the number of people we meet and interact with. Restaurants, bars, airports, and even countries around the world have closed due to COVID-19. Events were cancelled, people worked at home, and social distancing was imposed by governments. Even the usual, previously simple trip to the grocery store and food market have turned complicated, much less dating.  It is no surprise, therefore, when a study revealed that around 87% of single people who participated in their survey had abstained from sex during the initial lockdown.

  • Surge in the dating app usage. Because most people were staying at home due to the pandemic, their tendency, of course, was to go online and to turn to dating apps and websites like Adam4Adam in their quest for romance.  
  • Rise of the sex toy sales. The lack of physical contact during the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted to more masturbation and sex toy usage; going by the way sales have skyrocketed. According to a report, the global sex toys in 2020 grew a whopping 26% at $33.64 billion as compared to 2019. On Adam4Adam Store alone, for example, our sex toy sales have more than doubled at the beginning of the pandemic.
  • Spike of Porn Consumption. If sex toy sales went up, then it’s certainly no surprise that porn usage did as well. It is only natural, in fact according to this study, people’s sexual desires during the pandemic had increased, but this does not necessarily translate to sexual intercourse. Their tendency, therefore, was to turn to porn viewing. Anyway, if you wish to try, you can watch 30 minutes of free HD porn on Adam4AdamTV so hurry and check the site here
  • Increase in the popularity of cybersex, electronic sex, chat/cam sex, virtual sex, and sexting. Just because people can’t leave the confines of their homes, it didn’t mean that they have to be celibate, that they can’t have sexual interactions anymore. Thanks to technology, they can. In fact, a study conducted in 2020 showed that 20% of their respondents “expanded their sexual interest by trying new fantasies, modes of foreplay, sexual positions, sexting, and digital sex.” If you wish to find out what the deal is when it comes to chat/cam or virtual sex, you may visit this site.  

Having said all that, how did COVID-19 affected or changed your sex life, guys? Share with us your thoughts and stories in the comments section below.

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