Have you already tried using our “Stories” feature, guys? If you haven’t yet, you really should give it a try. We borrowed the concept from Snapchat and Instagram and it’s been working very well. It’s been up for six months and so far, thousands of Adam4Adam members upload their stories every day.

Anyway, if you are not familiar about this popular feature, there’s no need to worry. It is actually very easy to use not to mention it is effective when it comes to helping you connect and interact with other A4A users. More importantly, it is a fun way of putting yourself out there, of introducing yourself to the members of the A4A community. Take a look at the following reasons as to why you should use it:

  • it stays live in your feed for 24 hours
  • it helps you be seen by more guys
  • it proves that you are a real human
  • you get to show yourself in “live” angles
  • increase your engagement with other A4A members

If you wish to know how to use Stories, click here.

Apart from our Stories we also have other features that can be of great help for you in terms of navigating online dating:

  • Profile Verification – click here to learn how to verify yourself in no more than three steps
  • Use the search/filters feature – you can filter A4A members using “Age,” “Sexual Orientation,” “Sexual Preferences,” or even “Communities”
  • Use A4A’s Match feature section – a smart matching assistant that we came up with in order to help show you profiles that are most likely to be interested in you
  • Parties and Events – browse the greatest member’s Parties & Events in your area
  • Video/Audio Calls feature –  stay connected with other A4A members without having to leave the comforts of your home
  • Go to “Popular Members” page – you can view stories of all the most popular and hottest guys on Adam4Adam! And get ready, there are plenty of hotties on A4A, and oh myyyyyy! Big dicks, bubbly butts, big muscles, daddy bears, and sexy trans girls, you’ll see la crème de la crème so head on over there now, and thank us later (wink)!

Be sure to make use of all the innovative dating app features on A4A that we mentioned above to help you succeed in the online dating world. Happy connecting! 

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