Hey, guys! Do you know that you can now verify your account on Adam4Adam? Yes, Adam4Adam is the first Gay/Bi/Trans/Queer dating app to offer this feature and we are very proud of it! You can do it in three simple steps, take a look at the instructions outlined below.

1- To have your account Verified, select MY ACCOUNT in the top menu (or at the upper left hand corner of your screen) upon logging in.

2- Your My Account Page will come into view. Click “Get Verified” found right beside your username. A new window will open. 

3- You will be asked to upload a photo. You may send yours by clicking either “Choose from Computer” to select your photo stored in your laptop or you can opt to choose “Take Photo” to snap a picture of yourself instead. 

Note: Click “Allow” button when a notification box appears asking you if you want to use your camera.

Please take note of this reminder as well because this is important: Don’t forget to copy the gesture shown in the sample photo that comes with this article. If your uploaded photo shows exactly what the instruction had specified then you will become a verified user and this will increase your chances in finding your perfect match.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy, but why verify your account? 

The idea behind this feature is simple and it’s that we want to make sure our beloved users here on A4A are real and authentic. But most importantly, we want to offer you an experience that you deserve, that you get to have conversations that are meaningful, and also, we want you to meet real people for real good times. So hurry, go get verified now, guys, certify that you are real! Now!

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