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Hey, guys! It has come to our attention that there’s a group of spammers creating fake member accounts on Adam4Adam and are targeting our married users. Please remember that these scammers will ask for your number, they will then do a quick background check on your phone number. Once they obtained your personal information including your address and your family name, they will demand for money and threaten to expose you. 

You need to watch out for the “angry father” routine as well. In this tactic, the scammers will chat with you and then ask for your mobile number. While texting with you, they will ask you for your nude photos and send you their unsolicited nude pictures.

Soon, you will receive a message claiming that he is the dad of the person who sent you those nude pictures. He will say that his wife or a teacher or somebody caught “his son” sexting with a pervert and that they would report you to the police if you don’t give them money. 

Never pay anything to anyone! Instead, kindly report these profiles to us. Contact the police if need be, so they can conduct a fraud investigation.

Please be aware also that there are fake members offering fake massage service. Meanwhile, other scammers will redirect you to a bogus website—sometimes it appears as a renewal page—that will ask for your bank and credit card information. Please do not:

  • click on any links provided in the mail; 
  • do not download attachments;
  • do not provide your personal information such as your number, bank and credit card information, your home address and personal data, and online username and passwords to your bank accounts;
  • please do not give your Social Security Number and ID to anyone;
  • please do not send money to them to pay for their gas;
  • you will be asked to join a gangbang party, they will ask for your email address plus a fee then they will ghost you;
  • the spammer will ask for your phone number. You will receive a code on your phone and the scammer will ask for this code. With this code, they can get your personal information including your bank account, Facebook account, and all other information connected to your phone;
  • do not give them game cards like PSN card, Google Play Gift Card, Xbox and Microsoft Gift Cards, and Amazon Gift Cards to name a few. 

What You Can Do:

We encourage you to report these suspicious accounts. Simply click on the “Report User” button and our team will do the rest. 

This is called phishing scam, guys, and the sender of the mails will even go as far as to tell you that they are a member of the Adam4Adam Team. 

If this is your first time hearing about it, phishing is defined by Oxford Languages as “the fraudulent practice of sending emails purporting to be from reputable companies in order to induce individuals to reveal personal information, such as passwords and credit card numbers.”

Other spammers are masquerading as members of our team. We will never do this to our users and one way of knowing if it is a legitimate message from us is if you cannot report the message you received to us. More importantly, our system and our team ban these types of accounts so please help us help you and:

  • do not respond to mail messages requesting for personal information as it is their way to steal your money and your identity;
  • please click on the “Report User” button to report these fraudsters. You will find this button on the person’s profile. Alternatively, whenever you get spam, scam, business solicitation, etc. messages, simply click the REPORT button located in the Adam4Adam mail box’s ‘read message’ page;
  • please block them and do not reply to them but do not delete their message. 

We have also talked about phishing scams in the past and the many ways you can recognize it. If you missed the post, simply click here to read it. 

Get Verified

The Adam4Adam Team is constantly trying to find ways to ensure the safety of the A4A community. One way to keep us safe is by getting ourselves verified here on Adam4Adam. 

We are very proud to say that we are the first Gay/Bi/Trans/Queer dating app to offer this feature and we can verify our account in 3 simple steps:

  1. To get your account Verified, select MY ACCOUNT in the top menu (or at the upper left hand corner of your screen) upon logging in.
  2. Your My Account Page will come into view. Click “Get Verified” found right beside your username. A new window will open. 
  3. You will be asked to upload a photo. You may send yours by clicking either “Choose from Computer” to select your photo stored in your laptop or you can opt to choose “Take Photo” to snap a picture of yourself instead. 

Note: Click “Allow” button when a notification box appears asking you if you want to use your camera. Also, please don’t forget to copy the gesture shown in the sample photo in Adam4Adam.

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