Hooking up is now a big part of dating culture whether you’re queer or straight. But that doesn’t mean that romance can’t be found or experienced out there.

The subreddit r/askgaybros even recently had a post compiling the most romantic things its members have experienced, and the experience shared are all varying degrees of heartwarming. It certainly gives any hopeless romantics out there some hope that romance isn’t dead and that small acts of sweetness are still being performed.

Take, for instance, the response from user u/ShananayRodriguez. After hooking up with a guy a few months ago, the two of them happened to see each other again, first at a Target and then at a home goods store. The two of them finally when out on a date.

“I’ve never felt so excited just being around one guy. We went to an art museum and there was so much furtive glancing at each other, touching the small of each others’ backs, and we kept complimenting each other. When he kissed me goodbye it literally took my breath away. It was so nice to have a moment of romance in my mid 30s,” he shares.

User u/YukiZel shares a sweet TV-watching experience he had with his boyfriend, saying: “[We] were sitting on the couch snuggling under a blanket while his friends were over. We were watching a horror movie and he pretended to be scared and grabbed my hand. While doing so, he slipped his promise ring onto my hand. I was so flustered I think I short circuited.”

Even regular Reddit denizens even get to find love, as user u/Normacont recounts.

He shares: “He met me on reddit, then decided to take me as his haha, when no one else in the world will, no one else in the world cares, no one else in the world truly loves me or sees me like he does, he validates my existence, listens to my interests, I finally learned what a two sided relationship is, and learned what it felt like to be cared about.”

Peppered throughout the post are other small gestures as well, such as what user u/Southern-bro and his boyfriend do.

“When my bf and I are at a crowded event or party and he is on the other side of the room, he always winks at me,” he says.

We’d like to hear from you Adam4Adam blog readers. What’s the most romantic thing you’ve ever experienced? Even better, have you gone on romantic dates thanks to Adam4Adam? Share your experiences with us in the comments section below!

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