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Hey, guys! Why are you on Adam4Adam and by that we mean, what are you looking for right now? Are you looking for a regular fuck buddy, a friend, are you here to network, perhaps you are looking for someone with whom you can have a long-term relationship with, or maybe you are looking for a one-night stand?

We are bringing this up because we stumbled upon a thread on AskGayMen wherein a young teenage guy wanted to ask Redditors for dating advice. He said he is “scared that gay dating is just hookups and one nighters.” Further, he asks, “Is this true or is it more common for gay guys to get into long loving relationships?” 

One user told him, “So how many of your dating straight peers do you think will be in relationships with each other in 2 years?” He also pointed out that, “It’s neither gay nor straight to have a phase in life where hook ups are common. To the point of your question, there are plenty of gay guys in relationships later in life just like there are straight ones.”

Meanwhile, a teacher said that he noticed most of the kids in his school are “dating in pretty ‘traditional’ relationships.” He observed how teenagers aren’t hooking up like the adults are. He guesses, “It’s one of the privileges of being able to be out in school. But even the adults – there are those that hook up and those that don’t. It’s just like with straight people. Before I was married, I hooked up often but my husband never had a hookup.”

Most of the respondents on the other hand, simply reminded the teen to be clear about what he is looking for. A college guy shared that he had no “trouble finding plenty of people who wanted to go on dates.” He added, “As long as you make it clear what you’re looking for, people can do a decent job sorting themselves out. Obviously, that’s not going to be true of everyone, but generally, I think you can find it if you put in the effort (for the right reasons).”

loveBy the way, here on Adam4Adam, you can specify what you are looking for, whether you are looking for a date, or friendship, love, or relationship, etc. You can set it on your profile. You may click here for tips on what to put on your A4A dating profile. 

All that being said, who are you looking for here on Adam4Adam, guys? Do you think dating is still a thing in this day and age? And what dating advice would you give this young man who’s anxious about the future of his love life? Share with us your thoughts and stories in the comments section below!

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