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What, for you, are the things that a person or a guy has or does that make them look attractive in your eyes, guys? 

Is it their smile? Maybe it is the way they laugh? Perhaps it’s the way their eyes sparkle when they tease you or when they are happy about something? When you see them reading a book, that’s quite a huge turn on or at least these are the non-sexual things a guy does that make them more attractive in my eyes.

We have scoured the internet and here, among many others, are some of the popular answers among gay men on askgaybros and we quote:

  • When a guy says their name/call them by their name when they didn’t have to. 
  • When a guy calls them “my man”
  • A guy’s voice
  • When a guy wears “regular shorts” not “booty shorts”
  • Shared interests – like when the guy likes the same movies or music or shows as them
  • Hands
  • Prominent veins on a guy’s arms
  • Hairy forearms
  • When a guy is intelligent and speaks other languages, i.e. Spanish or when they talk nerdy
  • Stable guys who have “real jobs that have consistent schedules, where they have a significant degree of responsibility over others.”
  • “When someone is original and doesn’t speak in memes or movie quotes or very new slang. When they can speak respectfully.”
  • When a guy has self-awareness; someone who’s not afraid to admit: “Yeah, I realized I have this problem, but I’ve been reading about it/going to therapy and I’m trying to get better.”

What about you, guys? What are the non-sexual things that turn you on to a guy or a person? Please feel free to share with us your answers and stories in the comments section below.

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