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Another year is just passed and for a lot of us, the coming days are an opportunity to look back and assess what we’ve accomplished. It’s also going to be an opportunity to set new goals and make new resolutions so that we can start 2020 right.

If one of the things you want to get right in 2020 is dating and relationships, you’re going to have to assess your profile on dating sites and apps, since those two things are now inextricably linked to the modern digital dating experience. 

Of course, we here at Adam4Adam always want your dating prospects to be great, so we’ve come up with five dating profile resolutions for you guys to do in 2020.

1. Be more open to possibilities

Yes, yes, you have a type, and that type usually gets to be at the front of the line when you’re looking for a date. But as the new year arrives, maybe you should try broadening your horizons a little. After all, just because you have a type, it doesn’t mean you no longer entertain other guys who fall outside of that type. When you start doing that, it’s no longer you sticking to a type but just being prejudiced. Besides, if all of your dates or relationships with the people that fit your type haven’t worked out, maybe it’s time to see if things will end up better with people who fall outside of that. Maybe try factoring that in when you’re making a profile for a dating app or site.

2. Make sure your profile is current

And by current we mean that all the fields are filled out and all the information you share is updated. Dating is all about getting comfortable with each other and knowing more about each other, so it’s not a good sign if your profile is already full of half-truths or outright misinformation.

There’s also a bonus if you keep your profile filled out and updated when you’re using Adam4Adam. For one thing, there are now a lot more identities represented. Users can now put in whether they identify as a trans man, or whether they’re part of a couple and a host of other things. A filled out profile also lets you be included in the results of our search/filters feature. There are filters for things like “Sexual Orientation”, “Sexual Position”, or even “Communities.”

It’s even easier to find a person who is looking for the same kind of relationship as you. If you’ve filled out the “Looking For” section with either “dating” or “love,” it’s easier for people looking for the same thing to find you, whether for a one night stand or a lifelong relationship.

3. Your photos should be as current as your profile

They say a picture paints a thousand words, and this is especially true when it comes to the pictures you have on your dating profile. It isn’t a good look if you’re still using photos from the beginning of the 2000s in your profile. It only sets your date up for disappointment when the two of you finally meet up face-to-face. Start on the right foot by picking the most recent picture you have of yourself.

4. Don’t be afraid to show your face

The digital dating scene can get a little crowded and it’s understandable if you’re worried about how you can stand out amongst the crowd. A quick and easy way to do it is to be unafraid to have photos of your face on your profile. Almost every other guy on a dating app has a photo of his abs as his main display picture, so an actual face showing up among those rows and rows of similar pictures is sure to be noticed. Another reason why using a photo of your face as your display picture is a good choice is because Apple and Google both don’t allow nudity. Putting up pictures of your private parts is just going to result in you not showing up on Adam4Adam. But once the other person you’re flirting with asks for them, feel free to send them to him.

5. Short is great when it comes to profiles

Once they’re drawn in by your photos, people often take a quick look at your profile to get a sense of who you are. However, you probably won’t be the first profile that they’ll be looking at that day, so having a 1,000-word description of yourself is probably going to make their eyes glaze over. Find the balance between short but informative, so that you pique the guy’s curiosity and the two of you have something to talk about when you finally meet.

Any other dating profile resolutions you want to make in 2020? Share it with us in the comments below!

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