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Often, we encounter these questions online: why can’t I find love? Or, how come I can’t find someone to date? Sometimes, their question is: anyone out there who just can’t get a date?

We know finding love or even just a date can be hard and overwhelming but no worries, this is why Adam4Adam is here you know – to help you navigate your dating life. And this is also why we are constantly improving our website and app, so that your dating experience with A4A will be much better, easier, and more fun.

On this note, we are happy and proud to announce that we have a new feature for you to enjoy, it’s called the Match feature section. Match feature section is a smart matching assistant that we came up with in order to help show you profiles that are most likely to be interested in you.

But what are the criteria for determining the match?

Well, there is a mechanism that matches you with another A4A user based on how your profile is filled and what you are into, etc. That’s why please don’t forget to fill out every part of your profile. If you have no idea on what to put or how to make a profile that catches attention, kindly read our previous blog post here and here for helpful tips. 

For more information on A4A’s Match feature section, please see below:

  • Please don’t forget to upload a Web Profile Photo to your profile to find your Match now! For tips on how to choose the right A4A profile pic, click here.
  • Our Match feature is simple and fun. It connects you with other profiles using your preferences and our geo-location technology.
  • You can use the Green Heart button to Like someone and if this person likes you back, you get a Match to start a chat!
  • Simply use the Red Cross button if you are not interested and check the next profile.
  • Use the back arrow to get back to the previous user and remove the recent action.
  • You can use our Rocket Boost Button to give more exposure to your profile and get more Matches!
  • Check all your Matches at any time!

And by the way, you can download the Adam4Adam iOS/Android app here if you don’t have it yet on your mobile.

Hurry and check here if you have a match and please don’t forget to let us know in the comments section below how you love it. Enjoy!

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