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Dating: Five Tips For When Choosing Your Dating App Profile Pic

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They say that men are visual creatures, so if you’re going to attract one, you really need to hit them with a compelling image. There’s no better place where this is illustrated than in a dating app, where your profile photo is going to be the first thing that people see.

If you’re looking for tips on how to improve your profile picture game, then you’ve come to the right place. Here are five tips you can use so that your profile photo works for you and not against you.

1. Pick a photo that matches the kind of attention you want to get

It’s fair to say that dating apps are just as much for hooking up as they are for finding a relationship. Whatever you’re looking for is totally okay! But if you’re looking for a specific kind of attention, make sure that your profile photo reflects that. You say that you’re looking for a long-term relationship, but all the photos on your profile are headless abs shots. It sends a confusing message and you really can’t blame the people messaging you if all they want is to hook up.

2. Make sure the photos are recent

Someone took a photo of you back in 2009 where you looked really, really good. You certainly can’t be blamed if you really like that photo. But if you use that decade-old photo as your profile picture, it might not look like the way you do now, no matter how much you want it to be. Using a recent photo represents you better and you don’t have to worry about being accused of catfishing.

3. Make sure your face can be clearly seen

If you’re looking for a relationship, you can’t expect people to want to meet you if you can’t even show your face. People are going to think twice if all your photos are either blurry or has your face obscured either by sunglasses or a hat. Learn what your best angle is so you can confidently take photos that you know show you off at your best. Keep in mind that guys with face pic in their profile, get up to 55% more chance to meet. At least have one in your Private Photos.

4. Don’t use a group photo in your profile

Unless all the people in that photo are going to be part of that “relationship” or that hookup, there is no reason for you to have a group photo as your profile picture and it won’t be approved by our photo approval team anyways, so don’t waste your time. People are looking to have a relationship or hook up with you, so blur out other people’s face or simply cut them off the photo with the photo editor.

5. Pick action shots that show off your features

Everybody’s got a gym selfie on their profile, and adding your own to that crowd isn’t going to make you stand out. Use action shots instead. Do you have a picture of yourself playing soccer shirtless? One picture of yourself at the beach in Mykonos?Use that. Not only do you display your body, but you also show them the kinds of activities you are interested in.

That’s just some of the tips we can share. Now make sure to update your photos right now on your profile. If you are using the app, open it and tap your profile in the top left corner, then tap on the camera icon to update your photos or simply sort them to freshen them up. For the guys using the website or mobile website, click “My Account” and use the drop down menu until “Manage Photos”.

Any of our Adam4Adam blog readers have any tips they want to share about what they think is the best profile picture? We want to hear about it in the comments section below!

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  1. Hunter0500

    Face Pic – this is to be added as a matter of personal choice. Some keep it as private due to identify theft concerns. Some keep it as private because they chose, as is their right, to keep their sexuality private. Some keep it as private to encourage guys to strike up a conversation based on their overall profile, not just their face.

    Action Shots – the majority of guys don’t have hot, gym bods. Not all are active in sports. A sexy hot active body shot just may not be realistic. Additional photos should be chosen based upon a guy’s personal interests (hobbies, location, job, etc.) A bud can be called on to assist with taking some overall and specific (shoulders, arm, torso, leg, etc) shots that could be used as a profile or private pic.

    Ass Shots (anus and open hole “Holland Tunnel”) – it’s a guy’s choice to make his profile picture his ass. While this attracts some guys, it can be a complete total utter turnoff for others. If a guy’s persona is his as, an ass profile pic could be appropriate. If not, another perspective could be featured.

    • Nathan


      You are old enough to know that pics are useless as one cannot guarantee their legitimacy?

      Pics are self-serving, particular, on a sex site. The only pic that matters is the face and body you will meet in person.

      Pics are worth a thousand words and a thousand lies. I was a Medic and I can look at virtually any pic and figure out the relative age of the person who sent it; likewise, with a body shot.

      Regardless of stated age, I know the distribution of muscle and tissue, relative to chronology, and most of the pics, here, on A4A, are either pics from years before or pics gotten from the internet.

      The best pic you will ever see is the pic in front of your face…just don’t be “Legally Blind.”

    • Hunter0500

      Blocking out of the chutes for sure seems harsh and, frankly, an ego play.

      If there’s a mismatch of profiles, just delete the message and don’t respond.

  2. Neil Hoyt

    No matter what sort of attention you’re trying to attract, a quick selfie is rarely good enough. It’s worth taking the time and trouble to take a bunch of shots, with different angles and lighting, perhaps with someone else holding the camera, and then choose the best one(s).

  3. Nathan


    I concur with your sentiments. “EWOK” might want to be a bit more realistic as getting checked out can be seen as a compliment not a harbinger to an invite from a Troll.

    Several of the profiles, I either read or have read, bespeak the same sentiment as EWOK, and as I have seen, those who “doth protest too much” are not any more attractive than those whom they block.

    It is, almost, a self-fulfilling prophecy as a “Fox Always Smells It’s Own Hole.”

  4. Mike

    Lol. Getting that judgmental block just prolly did you a world of good – if you like stable relationships. Block on with your bad self.

  5. Mike M

    Why are do you not address all the dicks and assholes? I realize they know who they abundance. Should at least address them as their pix display them

    • Marcus

      Hope my comment makes sense. Lol. You casually mentioned that people should display a nice clear face picture in their profile and have a nice picture of their gym bodies or a action picture of themself doing something they like to do which I agree with. You also suggested a shirtless picture as well. Take this as a compliment for what it is because I seen you in a picture before. 😉 Sir, you’re speaking from your well built, handsome, sexy, attractive, mind. Everyone aren’t blessed with those attributes. Look around when you go to the mall/ beach/vacation spots, etc. You see real average people. Some attractive but most unattractive. My point is sex sites are a vehicle to meet people for sex. You want to put your best foot forward to meet peeps for sex and the thing to do is to send pics to help attract potential sex partners. But keep in mind that everyone clear facial pic is not going to look like a young Brad Pitt. Also remember that the shirtless picture you’re talking about is one from the young Dan Conner on the Roseanne show…We must keep in mind that all people get older, all people don’t have handsome faces, all people don’t have gym bodies etc, but those people enjoy sex too and want to meet people for sex. I think we all take some things for granted…. I agree people are very visual and want pics but it’s probably hard for a below average person to fully display their great personality in a limited profile box…I’m a fit gym rat and blessed with good looks too…. Hope my point is made.

  6. Lamar

    I’m very well proportioned, still have some muscle-tone, all of my teeth and loads of hair, no wrinkles, still, handsome (thanks mother & father). My picks show me w/athletic to under clothes, that should be sufficient: face and body shots. No dick and ass pics w/out face, I hate those really.

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