Speak Out: Which Sport Star Would You Sleep With?

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It’s hard not to find yourself lusting over a sports star. After all, they’re very nice to look at. If they’re involved in a particularly physically demanding sport, odds are they’re at the peak of their physical performance and have all the muscles in all the right places. Plus, if they’re at the best of their sport, they probably earn a boatload of money as well.

And if Dennis Rodman is to be believed, 10 to 20 percent of those hot sports stars you see on the television probably won’t mind engaging in some same-sex action either. In an interview with Business Insider, the former NBA star claimed that up to 20 percent of professional athletes may be gay or bisexual.

“I wouldn’t be surprised, literally, I’ve said it all along, if 10 percent or 20 percent people in the NBA, or any sports, [are] gay,” Rodman told the media outlet. “I wouldn’t be surprised. It wouldn’t shock me at all. I think today, it wouldn’t shock anyone. I think that’d be more acceptable now than anything.”

The interview was part of Rodman’s promotional activities for Rodman: For Better or Worse, an ESPN documentary on Rodman’s career. The documentary has a portion that covers Rodman’s relationship with the LGBTQ community, one that started after he posed for Sports Illustrated in a woman’s bathing suit.

While Rodman does not identify as gay, he has talked about going to gay clubs, dressing up in drag, and even having sexual fantasies about men. In the Business Insider interview, he also says he had no trouble at all playing with Magic Johnson even after the player admitted to being HIV-positive.

“They asked all the players in the NBA, nobody wanted to play with him. They asked me, I said, I don’t give a damn, I just wanna play. I don’t give a damn if he got that,” he shared.

If we take Rodman’s claim to be true and that 10 to 20 percent of people in professional sports are gay, that’s a lot of hot people that you suddenly may have a chance of sleeping with. So we thought we’d ask you, Adam4Adam blog readers if there’s a particular sports star you’ve always lusted over. Share it with us in the comments below!

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  1. CJ

    I don’t know who to pick first, LOL. Stephen Curry, Kris Bryant, Bryce Harper, and too many football players to mention, I even drool over some pro wrestlers!

  2. Hunter0500

    With gay and bi athletes prevalent now in Olympic, college, and professional sports (as well as retirees), a titillating question would be “which if them could you get to sleep with you? And what would you do to make it happen?”

    • BearLover

      Yeah to Gronk!

      I want to go “old school” and resurrect my old flame and throw Randy Johnson into the hat.
      And on the mound. In the dugout. Locker room….

  3. Jockn2cbt

    Tom Brady, duh! Andy Roddick (how could you not want a guy with two cock synonyms; rod and dick or is it raw dick?, in his name?), Steve Young, Brett Farvhe, Boomer Esiason, too-tatted but David Beckham. Probably scores more.

  4. R L

    I remember lusting after a certain swimmer. When somebody tried to wreck his career over marijuana, I got angry that a so called friend would do that to such a cool guy. Then I thought, if he smokes, he may really be laid back. But swimmers always get me. They are toned, slim, and we always see them mostly bare, wet, with those tiny trunks accentuating their tight buttocks and studly bulges. Makes you want to do some synchronized strokes.

    • MattK

      May I say, RL, you posted the most intelligent answer here yet. And it doesn’t hurt that you struck a (hot) nerve! My only negative about swimmers is they all shave all their body hair (albeit for an athletic reason). I prefer naturally smooth guys.

  5. anonimatovato

    I’d say more than a few baseball players lol! They look so hot in their uniforms! Bryce Harper, Justin Verlander, Gio Gonzales and more (I just forgot their names).

    College baseball has tons of hotties too. who’s down servicing these hot men? lol

  6. Kent

    New England Patriots’ Julian Edelman. Also, Toronto Raptors point guard Fred VanVleet. In Baseball, Nolan Arenado (Baby Bull of the (COLORADO ROCKIES)), David Ortiz (BOSTON RED SOX), Trevor Story (COLORADO ROCKIES), Jose Fernandez (MIAMI MARLINS), Olympic Athletes: Joe Kovacs — Track & Field, Danell Leyva — Gymnastics, Ben Provisor — Wrestling, Kyrie Irving Brooklyn Nets, and Von Miller of the Denver BRONCOS. I’ll see who has chemistry with me, then narrow it down.

  7. MattK

    As an older guy who lusts younger ‘pretty’ guys, I used to love it when Chad Pennington, the Jets’ former QB, would take off his helmut or give interviews – sooo cute. Nowadays, the Cubs’ Kris Bryant gets my prize (or, shall I say, I’d take his prize). Golfer Jordan Spieth is very cute – I’d do him. Mets’ Jacob deGrom is quite a piece too.

  8. brotha

    For me fucking…I’d want my dyck in Isiah Thomas…either of them.

    Me getting dycked…Giannis! LeBron 2nd.

    For women (I am Bi). Allison Felix, Serena and throw in the little kid cutie Coco Gauff…mmmmm. Take Sloan stephens dusky ass too

  9. SouthernBoiSB

    Howie Long (when he was younger), Jim Harbaugh (as qb for Chicago Bears), David Pollack, John Cena, Sting (when he as younger & the blond surfer type from California)

  10. Tlee

    I see a lot of guys mention Bryce Harper. For me Mike Trout scores way higher as far as baseball players go. Football…. where to begin. Mahommes for sure, Mayfield, and there is something about Matt Stafford.

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