It’s hard to miss Cory Kane when you’re watching one of his CockyBoys videos. He’s got a handsome face, a winning personality, and a big dick. So it wasn’t a hard decision on Adam4Adam’s part to have him be part of our celebrations during Montreal Pride.

It was a busy few days for Cory during his time with us, involving a photo shoot with his fellow Adam4Adam models, having fun during the Community Day, and taking part in Montreal’s 36th Pride Parade. You can take a look at everything he and the Adam4Adam models did over at our Instagram account @adam4adamofficial. Our Insta Stories even has Montreal Pride Parade highlights!

Aside from all of that, we also took the time to interview him and talked about his future in porn, how he switches from being an introvert and being an extrovert, and how he doesn’t think it’s an insult to be called a whore. Read all about it below!

Adam4Adam (A4A): Who is Cory Kane? What is your story?

Cory Kane (CK): Who is Cory Kane? That’s a tough one. I feel like I keep changing all the time. I guess it all started when I found CockyBoys on Twitter and dreamt of myself living that life. I wanted to express myself (especially sexually) and make a name for myself. After I got out of my first serious relationship, I applied through the CockyBoys website on a whim. I had been flirting with Ricky Roman online at the time, which must have inspired the studio to film us together for my first scene and the rest is history — or you can watch it scene-by-scene.

A4A: Were you surprised when Dave asked you to be part of the Adam4Adam photoshoot and Pride festivities in Montreal? Why yes? why no?

CK: Yes! I had no idea Adam4Adam was based in Montreal and was pleasantly surprised when they approached me with the opportunity! Especially with getting to work with the other talent Adam4Adam had lined up for the festivities. I’d definitely do it all over again.

A4A: Name one thing that nobody knows about you.

CK: Hmmmm…when your butthole is on the internet, there’s not much more to hide! One thing people may not know or might be curious about is that I fucked a girl when I was in high school (many times), but it was more like a pinball machine trying to see how many times I could (score) make her cum. But after finding my Dad’s box of porn magazines with some boy friends (and fooling around with them), I fully realized that dick was for me.

A4A: What are your goals for the next five years?

CK: I definitely plan on continuing my career in porn, while continuously improving and developing my body with each year. I’d love to have my own dildo for fans to enjoy (shoutout to FleshJack). Hopefully, travel/meet even more of those in the industry around the world, especially in Europe and the UK. I also like to write, so I’d like to work on that more in the future and hopefully get some more stuff published.

A4A: What would you like to say to people who have misconceptions about adult entertainers and think that you guys are all “whores” and self-centered?

CK: I would like to say that even the most closeted conservatives watch porn, and to open your mind. I find most performers I’ve met have very open and liberated views on life and are the sweetest and most accepting group of people. Whore really isn’t a derogatory term to me, I take it as a compliment. Sex is an essential human need and is a part of life, no matter your sexuality. 

A4A: Are you more introverted or do you consider yourself very outgoing?

CK: It honestly depends on the day or what’s going on in my life. Some days I want to be social or have sex or party, and others I just want alone-time at home binging a good show and cuddling with my dog. 

A4A: Do you like to be recognized in the street or clubs or events by people who know your work or does it makes you uncomfortable?

CK: I always love when fans come up to me and say hello! Knowing I’m inspiring and providing pleasure/happiness to people never gets old.

A4A: When did you decide to move to Montreal and why?

CK: I moved to Montreal three years ago after living most of my life in Toronto. When I signed exclusive with CockyBoys, I found out that we film a lot in Montreal and after filming a couple of scenes in the city and seeing the beauty of it, I knew it was time for a change. The gay village in Montreal definitely has every other city in Canada beat.

A4A: What are you looking for in a man when you date? Is it different than when you meet a guy for a hookup?

CK: Hookups for me are all about sexual chemistry and what I and the other guy are into. Dating is the sexual/physical chemistry as well as a good sense of humour, a little bit of romancing, good kisser, good energy, open-minded and can handle/differentiate my career from real-life.

A4A: Would you be ok to be in an open relationship or that is not your thing?

CK: I think an open relationship would be best, given the industry I’m in. Although, coming home at the end of the day to my partner is what I feel is most important. In any relationship, there has to be trust and unconditional love. If I can have those two things, then I’m happy. 

If you’ve never heard of Cory Kane before and this interview and now you’re curious, you can always follow him on his Instagram. And to find out more about our other models aside from Cory, follow us on Instagram!

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