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When you think of Adam4Adam, you think of a website and app that is home to millions of users looking to connect with other guys. Over the years, it even earned the nickname ‘A4A’ from its passionate community.

But it wasn’t always that way. Throwback to October 2002, Adam4Adam was a website created by A4A owner to connect guys who would potentially meet, become friends, go on dates, or fall in love. For an introverted gay man or someone tired of the bar scene at the time, Adam4Adam was a breath of fresh air.

Those first few weeks, you wouldn’t think that millions of users would be possible for the fledgling site. The owner was the only employee running the site daily, designing, managing, and approving profiles. He was even doing customer support for the first users the site had at the time!

But then, a year after being created, Adam4Adam saw the number of users balloon to a thousand, with people from New York City, San Francisco, Dallas, Atlanta, Fort Lauderdale, and other urban centers in the USA. With no marketing campaign or publicity behind it, just simple word of mouth, Adam4Adam saw exponential growth in the number of users, even drawing people away from big-city bars and clubs and getting blamed for that decline in business.

So many things have changed for Adam4Adam since that day, 17 years ago. From the first few users when it first began, to over 11 million guys across the globe today and 5,000 new guys daily. From a one-man team, there is now a full team of talented workers that takes care of everything to make your experience the best as possible. It is also no longer just a website, but an also an app, a store, a cam site and a multidimensional brand.

But there’s one thing that have remained the same over the course of our existence, our mission: We’re still fully committed to help our users to find friends, sex buddies, partners or lovers, for free. Adam4Adam strictly depends on advertisement sales and donations from loyal users. Your donations takes care of servers, paying the dedicated staff, and funding the development of new features. It truly is a community effort and we can’t thank you enough for your help!

We’d especially like to give a shoutout to the first 10 users that signed up back in October 2002, it all started from you guys, and because of you, so we will forever be grateful. Check out who they are here: Coolmec, nycready, MuscleManhattan, soflamuscle, Got2BeJack, musloralstud, MUSCLfurPEX, bulgenj, pats_sox_fan, and over8inplus.

It’s been a great 17 years, and we’re looking forward to 17 more years, with the help of all of you guys. You can help simply by using our app, by upgrading to VIP or PRO to advertise your service, or by donating directly on our website. Thanks guys and have a wonderful week.

Adam4Adam Team

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  1. Tom

    Thank you. As a closeted pansexual, this site is nice to go to even though I have only met and played with one guy for 3 years before he moved. I am considering a donation as long as I am not PM every year or any mount of time for more donations. Is that a possibility?

    • Dave

      Hey Tom, simply make your donation as a “one time” donation. Make sure the box is unchecked, so that this won’t be recurring.
      Thanks a lot for your donation in advance!

  2. N.Z.H.


    This is a good, functional site. It serves its purpose and it does provide us, older males, with a suitable outlet.

    I’ve met fellow Vietnam Veterans with whom I’ve made contact. We aren’t many but we are here.

    I met once such fellow who was stationed at Da Nang where I served. We got a chance to reminiscence and we discovered that we knew some of the same men and women.

  3. jim markus

    It seems the only items advertised anymore are the cam sites full of twinks, and frankly I get a little aggravated when a site opens with some twit who wants me to pay him to show some skin, when I didn’t not have nor have any inclination to check out said sites.

    • Dave

      our cam site has muscle guys, black, couples, trans, thinks, and all colors of the rainbow. You can search by what you are looking for. Check out the menu on the right hand side.

      • jim markus

        I guess you didn’t understand the last sentence, many of us don’t care for the webcams but that’s pretty much all promoted. I have spoken to many who also feel the site has transformed more into the “younger” and not really concerned about some of us older men.

        • Dave

          Hi Jim, when I look at our cam sales, I can say that many are interested in cams, if you don’t like it, I suggest that you don’t click it, or like many users, you can upgrade to VIP to remove all ads on A4A.

          As for your other remark, it’s not about younger or older, it’s about technology. Technology changes fast and to stay relevant, we had to adapt our products to continue to grow. I understand the challenges for older guys, but these last moves that we made were done because we had lots of complaints about the look of our products and how dated it looked. We understand that some people won’t like it, but I think it’s the best for our company. Thanks for your comments though!

  4. Ron

    Hey Dave…
    I like the site and have been on it for several years now.
    I’m an older gay man. Always in search of the “one” !
    Forever hopeful here.
    One thing that seems to be happening quite a bit on the site in my area, upstate NY, is there are tons of fake profiles that are claiming to originate from New York Mills, NY.
    It bothers me that these fake accounts increase everyday and sometimes they can really fool you.
    I hope you and your staff can do something about them.
    Thanks, Ron

    • Dave

      Hey Ron, we had a meeting yesterday about fake profiles and spam/scam. The problem with A4A compared with other app, is that people can register both on app and also on the website and even if you are located in Ghana for example, you can register in NYC on website. So we are working on having a better control and making the registration process harder. We will also hire more support staff for that. Please report the spam and scam as soon as you see them, after 3 reports, accounts are automatically suspended.

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