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While Black Lives Matter protests are understandably getting most of the media attention recently, it doesn’t mean that the global coronavirus pandemic has stopped spreading or has stopped being a cause for concern. And as the world slowly transitions into the new normal, it is expected that people will be curious about what sex will be like in this new environment.

A new study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine outlines measures that reduce the risks people face should they decide to forego social distancing and choose to meet up with new sexual partners instead.

According to the study, the first thing to do is to limit the number of sexual partners, as it makes it easier to do contact tracing if an infection does happen.

Fewer partners also make it easier to accomplish the second step recommended by the study, which is to dig into your possible partner’s medical history and see if they have previously exhibited any symptoms associated with COVID-19. These symptoms include a loss of smell and taste, fever, coughs, and exhaustion.

If your partner is all clear with regards to COVID-19 symptoms, you’ll have to count out kissing and making out, as droplets from the mouth carry and spread the novel coronavirus. In fact, the study recommends wearing a mask during sex. They also discourage rimming as it has been suspected that fecal-oral transmission possibly spreads COVID-19.

Health officials already recommend hand-washing to stem the spread of COVID-19, but the study now also recommends taking a shower before and after sex, as well as cleaning whatever area you’re going to have sex in with disinfectant.

Of course, all of these precautions are for those who can no longer spend the coming weeks and months practicing abstinence and social distancing, which is still the most effective to avoid getting infected by COVID-19 during sex.

People who still want to practice social distancing but also want to engage in sexual activities with another person can choose to have phone sex or video sex instead. For those who are okay with going at it alone but want a little something to the mix when they’re masturbating, they can always use sex toys, which they can buy in places like the Adam4Adam Store. There’s even an ongoing promo where a $29 purchase gets customers a free bracelet and necklace set, check it out!

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