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Other people pretending to be somebody else on the internet isn’t anything new In fact, it has become so prevalent that we even have a term for it — catfishing.

It’s already concerning to watch another person’s life and photos be used by a completely different person, but to have it happen to you is even more troubling. If you’re an Adam4Adam user who’s discovered that somebody else is using your photos on their profile, or if you want to report an impersonator on Adam4Adam, here are the things you can do to address it.

1- If you’ve discovered a profile that is using your photos on their profile, or you suspect that the photos on that profile are not theirs, click on the “Report this user” button on the profile. Select “Photo violation” and voila. You can also explain to our team what exactly you are reporting. Be as detailed as possible! Our support team will then take down the photos or delete this profile as quickly as possible. Remember that you can also report people using photos of a model, Instagrammer or celebrity.

2. Adam4Adam can still help you out even if that person doesn’t have a profile on Adam4Adam. Reach out to us via Instagram or Facebook and provide us with a detailed report. You can also reach out to us via [email protected] and send us proof of what you say.

Another thing you and other people can to do to avoid this is to have your Adam4Adam account verified. Account verification ensures that the Adam4Adam user on the profile is who they say they are, as well as helping us provide them with an enjoyable experience. It also helps increase a user’s chances of finding a match.

You can get your account verified in just three simple steps!

  • After logging in, head to the top menu on the upper left-hand corner of your screen and then select MY ACCOUNT. This will lead you to the My Account Page.
  • Once you are on your My Account Page, you will find a “Get Verified” button right beside your username. Clicking that will lead you to a new window.
  • On the new window, you will be asked to upload a photo. You can use a photo stored on your phone or computer by clicking “Choose from Computer.” You can also take a picture of yourself at the moment by choosing “Take Photo.” Take note that when you choose the “Take Photo” option, you will be asked to copy a gesture. If your photo follows the gesture, your photo and profile will be verified our a real person in our team. Not a robot.

We hope this helps you guys!

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