Style: Converse Introduces 2019 Pride Line

Image credit: Converse

Pride is still a couple of months away, but sneaker brand Converse is already coming out with a collection celebrating it. The new collection is really delivering on the inclusivity as it even has trans-themed shoes included.

The inclusion of trans-themed sneakers sets this apart from other Pride collections, which often only go with rainbows to acknowledge the LGBTQ community. Perhaps the only other brand to go beyond rainbow-themed branding was Spanish shoe company Pride Shoes, which put out a limited edition sneaker for bears — big, burly, and hirsute men — and the men who love them.

Converse’s Pride-themed shoes are selling for $60 to $80, including free shipping.

Other brands that have come out with Pride-themed merchandise include adidas and Disney. For their 2018 Pride Collection, adidas had four sneakers with the rainbow colors discreetly incorporated into the design.

Disney also launched a full line of Pride merchandise last year, after slowly introducing Pride Mickey hats in their parks.

The Disney merchandise includes a Rainbow Mickey Collection Pin Set, caps, water bottles, and even a fitted tank tops. Even better, 10 percent of their profits go to GLSEN (formerly the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network), which advocates on behalf of LGBTQ students in schools.

Burberry also incorporated the rainbow into its design during the last show of its chief creative office and president Christopher Bailey. Rather than using Burberry’s iconic brown and black checked pattern, Bailey swapped it for rainbow hues. Additionally, Bailey also dedicated the line to LGBTQ people all over the world.

That Burberry line was released in partnership with three LGBTQ charities: the Albert Kennedy Project, the Trevor Project, and ILGA (The International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association).

What do you guys think about these Converse Pride-themed sneakers? Are they something you would buy? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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  1. Robert

    Does “drops 2019 Pride line” mean they are putting them on the market? Sure sounds like they were planning a new line for the LGBT market, then changed their minds, and dropped the line altogether.

    call me old fashioned. Maybe I am. But I think it’s a very confusing headline!

    • Barry-NJ

      I agree. When I read the headline, I thought that Converse had canceled the product line. Instead, they’re doing something laudable. Out of fairness to the company, the headline should read something like “Converse introduces 2019 pride line”.

  2. Patt Gavin

    Meh. If the Converse shoes are all like the ones pictured, what’s the point? I never look at the bottom of my shoes, so why put the rainbow where I only step on it? I would rather see an entire shoe in the rainbow colors. That would show Gay Pride better than just putting it on the bottom.

  3. Hunter0500

    If you have the money for an $80 “basketball shoe” great.
    If displaying “The Flag” on your feet makes you feel more whole or more valuable as a person, great.
    If telling the whole world you’re gay or support LGTBQ issues through you feet makes you feel good about yourself, great
    Me personally, I spend $80 on things more long lasting.

  4. G.E.


  5. Lamar

    Wow, its so sad to read some of the comments on here, clearly confused people, not to be able to see what’s right under your noses. Firstly, the whole shoe, is of the ‘rainbow colors’ topside and soles. Secondly, it’s reminds me of the ‘Black-Power’ movements of the 60’s, displaying the colors “black-red-green,” same thing here, in this present case. I just cannot see what there is for you to spew over, here. You’re just making mountains out of moe-hills. If nothing else, buy them to add to your shoe collection/ward-robes, as colorful fun shoes to wear.

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