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It’s as the title says, guys, would you ever cuddle with your straight friend? We are asking because a straight man wants to know your thoughts regarding this matter, he asked on Reddit, and we quote:

I am a straight guy and I get so, so depressed and lonesome a lot of the time. I really love to cuddle, but I don’t have a girlfriend and you can’t really ask a girl because it seems sexual. Out of curiosity, would any of you guys ever cuddle with a straight friend?

The gay men of Reddit weighed in on the issue and here is what some of them have to say: one of them said cuddling with guys is a big no-no because it’s “kinda sexual” and they might pop a boner and freak out their friend. Another man contradicted this answer and said that no, “not all guys (get turned on) like that, straight, gay or anything in between.” He explained that cuddling is “not sexual for everyone. Maybe most people, especially in the US since that’s the culture I know. But many of us have cuddle puddles or platonic cuddling with friends non-sexually.” It’s a response that’s been agreed upon by many because, as one of them explained, “Humans crave affection independent of sex. It depends on the guy. A lot of them would be just fine with it, but other ones wouldn’t be able to control themselves.” He said that it all comes down to being firm about boundaries and making said boundaries clear to both parties. Read the thread here.

But what do studies say about man-on-man cuddling? Well, it turned out that the respondents of this study were okay with cuddling and spooning with another guy; in fact, 93% of them said they have done it before already. The students even revealed that they also “engage in spooning, when one partner holds another from behind as they lie down” and that “even early-morning erections weren’t looked down on by respondents.” With erections, they say that they simply break “the resulting tension and awkwardness by joking around.” The same article however, cautioned readers that the “findings don’t apply to everyone” because “the study’s sample was definitely limited.” But why do they love cuddling? One respondent answered, “I love a quick cuddle, just so you remember your friends are about and are there for you.” Read the study in full here.

What about you, guys? What do you think about cuddling with a straight male friend? Would you ever cuddle with a straight friend and more importantly, based on your experience, do straight guys normally cuddle with other men? Share with us your thoughts and stories in the comments section below!

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