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Happy Holidays, Adam4Adam blog readers!

How’s your holiday going? We hope that y’all are enjoying the festivities. If you aren’t, no worries, RuPaul’s Drag Race star Willam and drag icon Jackie Beat are here to help you get into the spirit, not to mention they’ll stuff your Christmas stocking with PrEP while they’re at it!

This season, the duo has released a holiday music video called MISTR Wonderland in partnership with the telemedicine (telePrEP) platform MISTR which provides free pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) and sexually transmitted infection testing to their patients without having to go into a doctor’s office.

Watch the video and get transported into MISTR Wonderland that’s full of hunky Santas clad in nothing but their sexy speedos and Santa hats. They sang about how sex is a natural part of our lives, and how sexy it is to practice safe sex.

It’s cold outside

You’re feeling randy

Too hard to hide your Christmas candy

So keep on the light, we’re shameless tonight

Hooking up in MISTR Wonderland

I need a friend who wants to blow me

And so I send a plant emoji

Cuz there’s nothing wrong with wanting some schlong

Hooking up in MISTR Wonderland

The singers then reminded the viewers that “If a hunky Santa in a cock ring is coming down your chimney, don’t forget, thanks to MISTR you can stuff your stocking with candy canes and gingerbread and PrEP.”

And while the music video comes off as naughty, the lyrics of the song cleverly reminded its listeners to take their sexual health seriously and at the top of their minds by signing up for MISTR’s free PrEP services.

It’s convenient and, like me, it’s easy

Order everything you need online

So, if you’re feeling slutty, thirsty, sleazy

Now the song is actually stuck in my head, thanks to its catchy melody and lyrics, it’s given me an earworm. Watch it below or on MISTR’s Instagram account.

PrEP, or pre-exposure prophylaxis, is a prescription drug that reduces one’s risk of getting HIV from sex or injection drug use. PrEP is a highly effective deterrent to HIV when taken as indicated or prescribed. If you wish to know more about PrEP, read here and here.

As aforementioned, MISTR is a telehealth platform that offers free services for PrEP and STI testing with or without insurance, in all 50 states including DC and Puerto Rico. Not only are their services free, but MISTR also offers easy online access. They take care of their patients remotely, which means no needles, no doctor’s office appointments, and no paperwork, plus they deliver it right to your doorstep for free!

Earlier this month, during World AIDS Day, MISTR launched its first long-term HIV treatment service on top of its HIV prevention program as well. Their expanded care reportedly “allows patients to consult securely online with a licensed physician to begin a treatment regimen for HIV with no out-of-pocket costs.”

If you are curious about their services, you can read more here or you can get started here now if you wish to get FREE PrEP prescribed online and delivered to your door.

Happy viewing!

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