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Hey, guys! Recently, we talked about what your type is. Some of you said they are looking for someone who is “honest, compassionate, and confident;” while others answered “masculine, confident, sexy type of guy.” Meanwhile, one guy said that he is looking for someone who is “older (aged 55 to 75), funny, somewhat in shape (a little belly is OK, I guess?), and hairy;” while another replied, tall, dark, and hung.” 

Now that you have revealed your type, could you kindly say a few words about yourself? Tell us who you are, describe yourself a bit. More importantly, what are you looking for on Adam4Adam?

Some of us on here are looking for sex or hookup while others are looking to date or for a long-term relationship that hopefully would result into marriage. What about you though? 

Anyway, we thought that since the blog readers is a smaller group, it would be nice to learn who is who, what our age is, what we do, who our type is, and what we are looking for here on A4A. On that note, if you could also share with us what your username is on the comments section, so that our other blog readers could find you on the A4A app, then that would be great as well!

Adam4Adam, after all, is here to help its users build relationships and what better way to start than to introduce ourselves and interact with each other here on A4A blog.

Having said all that, who are you? What words would you use to describe yourself? What are your preferences and how do you enjoy spending your free time? What are you looking for here on Adam4Adam and many other details about yourself that you wish to share with us. Post them on the comments section below and please don’t forget to visit onelink.to/adam4adam using your phone and download Adam4Adam app.

Happy connecting!

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